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ROI: How Infographics Can Help Your Business [Infographic]


With the infographic craze in full-swing, you might ask: Are infographics just a pretty way of displaying data, or will they actually benefit my business?

Earlier this summer we published a Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business. The first version of the infographic was published on June 15th and included Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter. The popularity of the graphic prompted us to publish a second version of the checklist to include even more social media channels – specifically Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+. The second version of our infographic went online on July 19th, and was even more successful! Hundreds of bloggers posted our checklist on their own blogs, and over 2000 people downloaded the checklist as a reference to use in their own social media strategy.

To showcase our results, we decided to create an infographic to demonstrate the ROI (Return on Infographics) and results we experienced:

  • Increased traffic to our website by over 400%
  • Increased leads by almost 4500%
  • Increased the number of new visitors to our site to almost 78%

ROInfographics ROI: How Infographics Can Help Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]


Blogging CTA ROI: How Infographics Can Help Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  • whydigital's picture
    May 24 Posted 4 years ago whydigital

    Infographics are a great example of how important it is to structure information, especially for visual people. On the one hand infographics create neat summaries of data - headlines which attract attention - but they also make information attractive, enticing and easier to grasp. There's a great book called Information is Beautiful which is stuffed with great examples of this.

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