Ron Burgundy's Social Media Marketing Tips

Donna Vieira
Donna Vieira Vice President of Marketing, Grow Socially

Posted on January 3rd 2013

Ron Burgundy's Social Media Marketing Tips

With 2013 rising on the immediate horizon, the promise of a fresh start and innovation presents itself once again. 

But most exciting of all is the prospect of a brand new Anchorman 2 movie, set to be released next December. The cast of 2004's comedy classic will be reprised in full, including our favorite mustached protaganist, Ron Burgundy. 

This excitement sparked conversation around the office. What if Mr. Burgundy could offer tips on social media, in a way that only he can? 

Grab some milk, your pal Baxter, and see what your favorite anchorman has to say about your online marketing efforts.

Ron's Tip #1: I don't think anyone knows what social media means anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.

This isn’t much of a tip, but a good opportunity to debunk a common myth. There is a science to social media for business. Never go in blind. You’ve gotta keep your head on a swivel. Have a steadfast plan for when your followers interact with you; be consistent with your responses. Find a good mix of content your company creates and sources that you can pull content from, and share them both with great zeal. An interested and engaged audience is derived from a posting strategy that is characterized by diversity. And diversity, as we know, is not an old, old wooden ship.

Ron's Tip #2: I'm not sure how to put this, but your YouTube channel is kind of a big deal.

Video is a critical part of an online presence. It is a different type of content that is very easy to consume. And let’s face it, your company bloggers will have those days when they are just tapped out. When the written words aren’t flowing, get behind the camera and start talking. Additionally, having a well-branded and professionally done catalog of videos will make you look good. I mean really good. 


Ron's Tip #3: Stay classy, various social media outlets.

Your social media outlets are just as important as any other marketing channels. Remember, everything you post is a reflection of your corporate identity. Take great care in showcasing your personality while not being unprofessional or offensive. Any post about political affiliation, social issues or things of the like can potentially alienate customers. Keep it clean, keep it light-hearted, keep it entertaining.


And until then, you stay classy, Social Media Today.

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Donna Vieira

Donna Vieira

Vice President of Marketing, Grow Socially

Donna Vieira, Vice President of Marketing for interlinkONE and Grow Socially, is an accomplished marketer whose specialties embrace both online and offline marketing channels. She has worked extensively in the areas of social media, digital printing and direct mail, while also regularly contributing to print publications and serving as a guest blogger. In addition to her marketing expertise, Donna is also a successful business development strategist and is currently earning her master’s degree in organizational leadership. Prior to joining interlinkONE and Grow Socially in 2012, Donna was the Director of Marketing and Communications for a marketing service provider on Cape Cod, MA who had previously been a direct mail and fulfillment house. You can find her tweeting daily @DonnaVieira or connect on LinkedIn.

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