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The Science of Facebook: How Facebook Insights Can Help Your Business

ImageBusinesses have acknowledged that television, radio, and print are not the only media for advertisement and promotions, as they have taken more and more of their campaigns online. One good way to promote their brands is through tapping on social media to help them spread awareness and gain interest. Facebook is the primary social media website most businesses engage in because almost all of their target market is on this social media network. Aside from that, it’s easy for companies to manage the Pages application in order to upload pictures and post status updates about their products and/or services.

Mark Zuckerberg’s famous social media website may be for your business, but are you using it right? How would you know if your campaign is working for you? That’s where Facebook Insights comes in. This is a tool to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaign on the social media giant.

Check out your page’s Insights and see what these data can do for your business.


  • Page Likes

This gives you an accurate number of how many total likes your page has and if there were new likes weekly. Monitoring this everyday is important because it lets you see if you are reaching the targeted number of likes you have set for your business. If it is not, then it’s time to reevaluate your strategy.

  • Post Reach

Post reach presents the number of users who saw your posts from their news feed. Be wary of the numbers shown here. If the number is too small compared to the number of people who liked the page, the things you post are useless because nobody is seeing it on their feed.

  • Engagement

It is not enough that people see your posts. They should react and interact by liking, commenting, or sharing. It shows that people are interested in the things you share on your page and engagement is one of the main goals of creating a Facebook page. It also suggests what kind of content your audience appreciates.

  • Pages to watch

This contains similar pages your business should watch out for since they are almost the same nature as your brand. This could be your business’ competitors and their campaign may post threats you should keep an eye on.


  • Net likes: What changed

Net likes is the difference between Likes and Unlikes. The graph gives you an overview of unlikes, organic likes, and paid likes on specific dates.

  • Where your page likes came from

This tells you where the origin of the likes is - Uncategorized desktop, Your Posts, or Page Suggestions. It tells you how users got to know about your page and where you should focus on promotion.


  • Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes

Hide Post, Hide All Posts, Report as Spam, and Unlike Page are indicators that some of your posts are blocked by users. It might mean that you are posting annoying or offensive updates that prompted them to choose to not see any of your posts.

  • Total reach

Total reach includes the number of users who saw your posts from other people, page like adverts, mentions, and check ins. It tells you how many people saw your page or posts not only from their newsfeeds which gives you an idea where else you can promote the page.


  • Page and Tab Visits

This gives you a background of how many times areas of your page have been visited and what makes them scroll down. This includes your timeline, photos, and info page. It suggests what parts of page are most interesting to users and which areas you should improve on to garner more visits.

  • External referrers

External referrers let you know where users found your page and how they got directed to it. It also suggests which websites or search engines you should put promotional efforts more.


  • When your fans are online

It is important to know the days and times where your fans are active so your posts can get attention. It is advisable to post at 11am, avoid the time from 4pm beyond but be back at around 7pm to 8pm. Also, posting when users aren’t online is useless because it will only get dumped by more recent posts from other pages on their newsfeed.

  • Post types

Post types show what kind of content your audience is fond of which gives you an idea on the things you should continue posting and what should be stopped.

  • Top posts from pages to watch

Since these pages are considered as competitors by Facebook, you should monitor the posts that get the most engagement from them so you could compare it to your own. You don’t have to copy their strategy, but this will give you a background on what users like to see considering that you cater to the same group of people. It can inspire you to create something better than what they have posted before or to avoid posting the same status update.


  • Your Fans

The fans are the most important part of your Facebook campaign since they are the target audience. Knowing who likes and engages in your business’ page is essential to creating the right kind of content to benefit your business. This part of Facebook Insights breaks down your fans into categories which lets you see the dominant gender and age group. It also allows you to see where your fans are from which enables you to tailor your posts according to their preferences and interests. 

Have you checked your page’s Facebook Insights lately? What have you found out? Share them with us!

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