The Secrets to Tweets that Generate Engagement

Pam Dyer Marketing Director, SolutionsIQ

Posted on August 4th 2014

The Secrets to Tweets that Generate Engagement

Is Twitter part of your social media marketing mix? It should be. With more than 550 million registered users, it is a force to be reckoned with. 66.7% of all public brand mentions on social media happen on Twitter. Some recent changes have made the platform more visual and engaging, including the ability to add photos and Vine videos that are visible in timelines, enabling brands to stand out from the pack.

The team at The Media Octopus in Manchester, England has uncovered some recurring patterns in tweets that generate the most engagement and identified the “structures” that get tweets noticed. Highlighted in the infographic below, here are the formulas you should experiment with as you grow your brand on Twitter.

1. The Sharing Content Tweet

Sharing other people’s content is a great way to generate interaction. Be sure to include the author’s Twitter handle and a relevant hashtag to make the subject matter easy to find:

[Positive comment] “Title of Article”: by @TwitterHandle #relevanthashtag

2. The Problem/Solution Tweet

Offering to solve a problem is much appreciated by people who are trying to fix something that’s wrong. Share either your content or a link to another website that provides trouble-shooting advice:

Wondering [how to prevent negative result]? Check out [how to prevent it] at from @TwitterHandle #relevanthashtag

3. The Question Tweet

Get a conversations going by asking questions of your followers that generate discussion:

[Question]? #relevant hashtag

4. The Retweet With Comments Tweet

Simply clicking the retweet button is an easy way to share content, but doesn’t add anything to the discussion Add a brief comment of your own to share your perspective and create engagement:

[Your opinion or comment] RT @TwitterHandle “Original tweet with URL and hashtag”

5. The Offering Advice Tweet

Tweeting tips and guidance about your industry is a great way to build thought leadership and credibility:

[Question]? [Answer/tips] #relevanthashtag


[Advice/how-to] #relevanthashtag

6. The Showing Some Love Tweet

Go beyond mere content sharing by saying why you enjoyed it. Include the author’s Twitter handle so they see that you acknowledged them:

[Great/insightful/informative] read from @TwitterHandle about [topic]. Check it out at #relevanthashtag

7. The Fact/Statistic Tweet

People love stats and facts that inform their area of interest or industry. Encourage engagement by asking them to learn more about the topic at hand:

Did you know [stat/fact]? Learn more at #relevanthashtag

8. The Inspiring Tweet

Many users tweet inspirational content or motivational quotes on a daily basis. Get on the bandwagon by sharing quotes that will trigger sharing and retweeting:

“[Quote]” – @TwitterHandle #inspiration #quote

Learn more details about composing tweets that generate the highest engagement rates in this helpful infographic:

Generate engagement with these tweets

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Pam Dyer

Marketing Director, SolutionsIQ

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