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Sellarketers: The Rise of a New and Modern Social Salesperson

So what exactly is “sellarketing”? It’s the convergence of sales and marketing skills needed to be a successful modern social sales person. It is the skill of a salesperson to market themselves and their product through content marketing, and the need for a marriage between the sales and marketing department in order to provide salespeople with the right funnel stage content to deliver to their prospects. These two things are necessary for social selling to be successful.

sales and marketing


B2B and B2C sales people are increasingly required to be micromarketers and provide a trail of content breadcrumbs to lead your prospects to you. This is becoming vital since buyers are now coming into contact with sales reps having the buying process up to 90% complete. This requires sales reps to execute tactical campaigns to target buyers. This cannot be done without the help from marketing who need to craft and create these campaigns and provide the right content to the sales reps. This will include social networks specific campaign for LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other networks your buyers are on.

In order for modern sales people to successfully execute micro-marketing campaigns, it will require both sales people and marketing departments to step outside themselves and put themselves into the position of the buyer. This means go where they go online, and read what they read across the web. Where are they finding content? Which blogs, social channels, groups, and forums are they using to find content? Once both side understand the buyer journey pre-contact, successful campaigns can be developed to join the conversation and begin tactically interacting with future customers.

Help me coin this term, because it’s happening and needs to be defined. 

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  • Nov 14 Posted 3 years ago Jim Andrasic

    Great article Julio!

    I've been taking this approach towards new (and current) customers for the past year now and have learned many valuable lessons.

    When I was asked to join the team here at GPS, we discussed building a new region and growing our sales and product lines throughout the entire southern US. (No small task) I was lucky enough to have a young motivated social media "Guru" as I call him, already on staff at the company. We immediately hit it off like two new rookies to the team but the "coach" was a little old school yet. We both knew that it would take some time to prove to the "coach" that social media and sales combined as a single unit, yet still comprised of their own strengths, would be an invaluable asset to our already huge growth for 2013-2014.

    Understandably, the "sellarketing" method is not an overnight success by any means, but it definitely has its advantage over the "old school" door knocking. We are starting to see more aggressive and larger business accounts as we progress and build our tactical campaigns to target specific companies, customers, social groups and other professionals across the US. Your sales force should start to have an online social presence so that the B2B and B2C know you’re engaged, advanced and educated. They may be the only face of your company they see.

    Words of Advice:  For anyone not familiar with the ins and outs of social media selling "sellarketing", you can easily find yourself the "unpopular car salesman" if you’re not cautious. Have a plan (even a rough one to start) about how you enter the social media world. Don’t be a bull in a china shop… come in easy and let people get to know you and see you “around” the social media world. Building a solid reputation as a “sellarketer” and not a “salesalker” will yield a much higher performance record and return on your time.

    Be valuable! Engage them! Don't be annoying! Educate, don’t alienate!

    Last but not least... Have fun... it works!

    Thanks for posting this one Julio!

  • Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago salesman4hire

    Interesting read.

    I too have been a professional B2B sales professional for almost 20 years. Until recently I never realized how my processes for prospecting and engagement have changed. The coalescence of sales and marketing have created an almost hybrid saleperson.

    Although the one thing I do know from experience and from my client's experiences is that with today's technology, having a nuanced, polished sales professional to guide the prospect through the buying process is more important then ever. Too much information and to many ways to engage propsects can will turn buyers off.

    Good Luck and Good Selling!


  • Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago Mark Overbey

    This article is dead on accurate and I'm glad someone finally put it to writing.  I started out in sales 20 years ago and since then have watched sales and marketing coalesce into an almost single entity.  Most successful salespeople I knew have done some rudimentary tactical marketing to support their own sales because you can't close a sale without an audience to draw from.  Most successful and accountable marketers I knew were close enough to the battle ground to be called upon to close or help close the sale.  The extraordinary progress in electronic media in the last 20 years has put great power in the hands of both salespeople and marketers and those savvy enough to see and exploit this new conjunction are and will be the pacesetters of their industries.  Technical competence and a big picture view will winn the day.  Kudos, Julio, for a great article.

  • JulioVisko's picture
    Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago JulioVisko

    Don I lilke it! I just need to go back and edit my post now ;) Cheers and chat soon if you make it over to Vancouver any time soon we'll do coffee!


  • JulioVisko's picture
    Nov 13 Posted 3 years ago JulioVisko

    Danealle thanks for such a well thought out comment. I think you are bang on. It's not the name that's important, it's the shift in skill, tool and mindset needed in the modern salesperson. It's a convergence we've never seen before. 

    Whether we call it sellarketing or not, its a skill and relationship that needs to be adopted to be a modern social sales person. Thank you tons, I loved your response.

  • Danealle Marshall's picture
    Nov 12 Posted 3 years ago Danealle Marshall

    I agree wholeheartedly that it's happening and an appropriate title needs to be created. Before the name, can we take a step back and look at the entire process first?

    Any successful company has a mission statement and contribution/ value proposition. Company branding and utilization of appropriate social media and traditional (ok, old school) materials that support the brand are the next phase. Continual customer engagement via face to face, phone and other methods takes place throughout this process in order to gauge clarity of message and demand for the product or service. I'm a big fan of focus groups and adding value through educating audiences (with certain groups take the selling out, example realtors).  The sales and consulting roles carry marketing's efforts through close of a transaction and beyond to continually measure the effectiveness of various new and traditional selling efforts.

    One term comes to mind to summarize all of these interconnected pieces..."COACH". If I may divert to sports for a moment, a winning coach creates, analyzes and tweaks a game plan, supports the organization by recruiting and developing the best talent (marketing, sales, etc...) to support a win. Coaches see the win and create and implement strategies and resources to get there. And fans love winning coaches.

    Sales and marketing roles and methodologies are changing rapidly. Social media and the needs of target audiences play a key role in what we deliver and which channels we use to do so.  Employ the coaching mindset to best understand and utilize all of the moving pieces (circles in your diagram) to secure the big "Win". It's an ongoing process; otherwise we wouldn't have such a diverse group of coaches.

    For additional reading and to sum up my comments, I highly recommend "Crystal Magnates: Nick Saban, Urban Meyer and the Principles of Dominance," by Truman Alexander.

    I hope I added some value to your already intriguing conversation.


  • Don Power's picture
    Nov 12 Posted 3 years ago Don Power

    Hey Julio;

    I think a catchier, stickier term would be "#Sellamarketing"


    Cheers mate!


    - Don

    aka @donpower

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