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Tuesday, June 20th

Serial Entrepreneur Mark Organ CEO of Influitive on Marketing Made Simple TV [VIDEO]

Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive has been an entrepreneur since youth. And in this show, he shares the lessons from starting companies with you. (Click the button in lower right to maximize the window for optimal viewing.) I'm watching @markorgan, serial enterpreneur on Marketing Made Simple TV. Check it out.Mark Organ Mark Organ[/caption] He founded the pioneer of marketing automation, Eloqua Corporation, which was later sold to Oracle. He's now the founder of Influitive, the Advocate Marketing Company, which Mark thinks can become much bigger than Eloqua was - which is amazing because of the success of Eloqua. And in this show, he sits down with the show host, Jeff Ogden, for a discussion of entrepreneurship. Click the button in the lower right of the show for optimal viewing. This show also contains a great offer - the Influencer Marketing Playbook, which you can download by clicking the Yes! button in the show. In this show, you will learn:

  1. Why the path to Heaven - goes through Hell
  2. How commitment is everything (No salaries for months - but no one leaves)
  3. Why it's always been all about the fans

Marketing Made Simple TV is a production of the nicest company in B2B marketing today, Find New Customers. The show is directed by Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit. And the show is backed by our wonderful sponsors too. We especially wish to thank sponsor Watchitoo for the remarkable quality in their new Streaming Pro offering. Marketing Made Simple TV is a weekly online TV show which premieres every Thursday at noon ET/9am PT. It also encores on Sunday at noon ET.

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