How Social is Your Customer Service?

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Sharing on Social Networks – How Often is Too Often?

Well, thanks to researchers from the Westchester University of Pennsylvania we know by now to chew our food 30 – 50 times before swallowing. We should skip each other day shampooing our hair, even when it is short, thin or straight according the recommendations of WebMD, but how often actually do we think is the right number or frequency  “to share content on Social networks, like Facebook, providing news and information on our business” to our consumer online friends?

How often is too often? What is the golden formula?

I am already seeing tons of comments flying in stating “twice a day”, “every other day”, “sporadically”, and who knows what you all come up with. We certainly had enough time the last couple of years, when Businesses discovered their new love child – Social Networking with consumers to figure out what works best for each of us.

Surprise! Are you ready for the truth?

According to a Study from ROI Research and Performics in summer 2011 online consumers where ask about following topic: “How often should a business communicate about their products and services with their connected “business Friends”?” The answers contained some dynamite revelations, at least for me.

One out of four research participants stated that they are fine with businesses communicating once a month or even less and updating them with any information!

Wow! Would you have guessed this? Is it an indication that the consumer’s heart and mind is sick and tired of hearing from your company too often? Too much irrelevant stuff you thought was share worthy? Consumers can’t take in anymore social pollution in an already ADD infested world? Can we call it Social Fatigue?

But wait I see a light in the darken tunnel – the silver lining on the horizon!

Close by, with 26% - the questioned participants agreed on “Once per Week” sharing would be plenty enough. My question: Did this number more likely par with your experience and your companies’ social networking habits?

What were the other revelations and how do the answers compare to the first top-spots given? Below is a graph included concluding the entire survey and I would love to hear about your experience as well.

How often is too often - posting on social networks

Data Source: June 2011 – ROI Research and Performics

Because so many business are still out on the hunt for more followers of their brands on their social networks, my next post will follow up on this findings here and “What Actually Do Facebook Followers Expect”, when following a business.

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