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The Shocking Truth About Gaps In Digital Marketing Skills [INFOGRAPHIC]

Now that you have a solid B2B lead generation strategy, you need to implement and execute with excellence.

According to an infographic by the Online Marketing Institute, new survey results show that international agencies – plus Fortune 500 companies – lack crucial skills for building effective digital marketing campaigns.

In fact, these digital marketing gaps in skills may hinder sales results. If you compare the differences between the digital marketing skills a company should have versus a company’s present internal strengths, the results are intriguing.

Measuring The Gaps In Digital Marketing Skills
As reported by the Online Marketing Institute’s infographic, the following list highlights desirable skills for inciting successful digital marketing. However, the percentages beside each skillset disclose a gap between the desirable skill and what is really attainable:

1. Analytics (37%)
2. Mobile marketing (29%)
3. Email marketing (27%)
4. Content marketing 27%)
5. Social media (27%)

Building A Digital Marketing Team
The infographic reveals how hiring managers struggle to find the proper digital marketing staff. Survey results say that 34% of hiring managers do not have enough work experience to hire a digital marketing team; meanwhile, 30% of hiring managers cannot identify capable talent.

Notably, two-thirds of marketers attempt to add value to their company via e-learning, or on-demand or in-person workshops. Many companies, unfortunately, do not apply standard practices to ensure employees are driving the business towards success.

Do They Understand What They’re Missing?
Companies are aware of their gaps in digital marketing skills with these explanations:

• Job applicants do not have the talent or experience for the job.
• The company does “just enough”; in other words, they work with what they already have to sustain their digital marketing campaigns.

Looking closely at agencies in particular, there are gaps between what’s desirable and what’s achievable in mobile and analytics skills; the gaps are 43% and 30% respectively.

Final Thoughts
This infographic spurs new lessons for the B2B leader like yourself. When you have employees with the proper skills working on your digital marketing campaigns, this means:

• A small business has a better chance of growing.
• International brands can heighten their chances for expansion.
• Agencies can increase their client retention rates.

Click below to view the full image. Then ask yourself this: How can I apply this knowledge to my current digital marketing team?


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  • djysrv's picture
    Jan 26 Posted 3 years ago djysrv

    Like other industries, digital marketing agencies want super cheap 20 somethings to have all the requisite skills. No one wants to pay for the management smarts that are needed to develop successful campaigns. Worse, the recruiting landscape contributes to the chaos.

     If you are a digital marketing agency, and want to recruit people who bring experience as well as technical chops to the table, here are a few suggestions.

    1) Don't use recent college graduates as recruiters. There is nothing that drives people away from you agency faster than a former frat brat who on reflex opens the call to a prospect with a description of a 6 month contract to hire jobs at $20/hr. People who have the digital marketing skills you want need real jobs with living wages.

    2) Have a consistent message when recruiting.  Don't allow multiple recruiters to compete for your business by throwing candidates against the wall to see which one sticks.  Assuming the job in question has strategic significance, pay for an experienced recruiters who knows your business so they can find the right people. Don't bury the lead about what the job entails in a pile of HR gobbledygook. Make sure you have a list of requirements that tell a a candidate what skills and experience they need to be successful on the job.  

    3) Emphasize in person presence in the interview process and on-the-job. Just because the Internet is everywhere, do not assume you can make a hire decison over the phone or Skype nor assume that person, once on board, will be successful in pajama mode from their home office.  The principle of "you have to be in the room to make the sale" works both ways. The candidate has to have good personal chemistry with your team, and has to interact with them in person to be a success on the job. High performing teams are built on trust, and that quality in work relationships is only created by face time, not Facebook.


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