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In Short: Google Authorship for Blogs and Articles

Many of you will have noticed that some search results on Google now have faces next to the results. This photo / face is the claimed "author" of that page or post. It is really easy to claim authorship over your website, blog or article.

How to Claim Google Authorship

1) Sign up for a Google+ Profile, this can be done here.

2) Ensure your avatar on Google+ is a clear image of your face.

3) Have your website listed in your Google Webmaster Tools, and in your profile.

4) Confirm you want to claim your authorship.

5) Add the code below to your website head, replacing the number at the end with your profile url."/>
Theres a WordPress Plugin too!

One of the best SEO plugins for wordpress I've found and use is Yoast SEO. Built into this is many abilities, including that to insert your Google Authorship code, your twitter card name (claim your page on twitter) and facebook open graph settings.

Have fun, and get claiming.


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  • Shaam's picture
    Nov 24 Posted 4 years ago Shaam

    I have applied it but still waiting for google authorship confirmation mail

  • Jason A Howie's picture
    Oct 29 Posted 4 years ago Jason A Howie

    Thanks for this, I started a discussion about this in the SM2day LinkedIn group. But I had thought the only way to verify was by email address, very helpful!

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