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Small Business Strategy, 2013 Trends to Watch

Social games, social networks, apps, Smart phones, Google Glasses, self-driving cars, smart appliances, the list goes on, are placing consumers at the center of their own universe, at the center of related experiences. This involved and always-on customer is learning to see the world in a different way. They’re endowed and they’re entitled. As a result, disruptive technology is preparing customers to expect information and opportunities to find them.



We have summarized some most relevant trends for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses for 2013.

-Smart Phones:

The sales of smart phones and tablets in 2013 are much bigger than the sales of computers. The businesses are utilizing mobile devices more effectively. Smart phones and tablets will be leveraged more comprehensively as businesses move beyond using them just for simple communications devices.


Small and medium sized businesses have been sluggish to implement the cloud, but positively predict, at least two of every three small and medium sized businesses turning to the cloud in 2013 for more efficient approaches to anything from accounting to payroll to legal counsel. For small and micro businesses especially, the cloud offers less barriers to entry for phone, fax, web, mail server, and data backup purchases.


The latest trend that we have noticed on social media for 2013 is collaboration. Find someone that you can collaborate with and expand your knowledge and offer assistance to others who are looking for it. The new business market stands on collaboration, it’s not just you and your business, there are a number of other people engaged and involved with your business, you need to consider about them as well while making a decision.

 -Integrated Systems:

Tools and methods that work collaboratively will replace disconnected systems.Incorporating email marketing with customer relationship management services and social media tools, for example, it will allow sales and marketing organizations to easily implement campaigns and track the results, all within a single application, as well as drive faster sales cycles and more lucrative customer attainment.

 -Geo-target locally:

To increase new business in 2013, think local. For instance, if you’re a Miami based organization, target customers in the South Florida area, especially if you have a traditional brick and mortar location. Also, most social networks like Facebook have geo-location tools to help you find your potential customers and target market.

 -Transform your website:

Renovate your website into a place that individuals want to visit. Make sure you have got games, videos, interesting articles and product reviews. People will spend more time on your site, which will increase the chances of sale conversions.

 -Manage your Goodwill:

You should be spending significant amount of time governing your online reputation. You can either pay a company to do it or do it yourself. Either way, protecting your reputation is going to be essential in 2013.

These seven trends have the power to reform how you accomplish marketing functions in 2013. What do you plan to implement in the coming year? Share with us to assist others as well and help us create a collaborative environment.


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  • Syed Noman Ali's picture
    Jan 8 Posted 4 years ago Syed Noman Ali

    Well thanks for your feedback Stephen and glad you like the article.

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Jan 8 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    I agree Syed, Smart Phones are important.

    To see how important it's becoming use Google Analytics to see how many visits are from a mobile device. You have to ask yourself 'what does my website look like to a mobile user?'. For us over the last 4 months mobile activity had increased greatly, and our website was not optimised for mobile devices. As a result I designed a mobile version of my company’s website to be optimised for not only a mobile device but also for the mobile user. Big buttons stripped down clear and concise information. it's about tailoring for the device they're on and the mind frame they are in.

    Great article


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