Small Businesses Seeing Success Through Social Media

John I. SEO Analyst, Branded3

Posted on December 20th 2012

Small Businesses Seeing Success Through Social Media

As 2012 comes to an end, it’s interesting to see which of the UK’s retailers are leading the way when it comes to social media. Some of the giants of the ecommerce world are getting plenty of attention on Facebook and Twitter, with Amazon among the biggest winners. Amazon UK added 1.5 million likes to its Facebook account in the last quarter, despite a much publicised run in with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. 

eDigitalResearch published the latest Social Media Benchmark results, which still places Topshop in the lead when it comes to likes – the high street fashion chain has amassed almost 3 million likes from its UK


customers. Alternative fashion brands are in command when it comes to Google+, with both ASOS and All Saints added to more than a million circles now.

It’s not just fashion brands that are getting some wins on social media sites though. A spokesperson for energy comparison experts Make It Cheaper said: “Make It Cheaper has recently conducted a research among small and medium-sized businesses and we found that 60% of business owners use smartphones, with the self-employed sector taking the lead in time spent online on mobile devices.”

Mobile marketing has been around for a while, though thanks to the rise of the smartphone, and the integration with social networks like Twitter and Facebook, companies can market to their consumer base on a constant basis.

The spokesperson continued: “Current trends in social media brand interaction highlight a unique opportunity for companies to capture their customers’ interest on digital channels, since social media is the online extension of word of mouth marketing. However, it’s not just national brands that can use social media to their advantage; there’s a great opportunity here for independent retailers too – a sector that is increasingly becoming more digitally savvy as our research indicates. Local retailers can use social media to develop personal relationships with their customers and to gain valuable insight into their purchasing needs and shopping habits"


John I.

SEO Analyst, Branded3

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