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#SMTPowerTalk: Measuring Success in Social Media Network Marketing

Social Media Network MarketingWe all know social media network marketing is important. We all know that social media networks are not going away. Intuitively we all know that not having a social media network presence makes no sense at all.

The moment the ROI question comes into play however grown men go a little weak at the knees and everyone starts looking at their watches and avoiding eye contact. The reason is that social media network marketing is diffuse, platform-specific, brand-tailored and audience-centric. In non-hyphenated words speak: “there is no one size fits all” which is a problem.

The problem, usually, is not in planning or even in execution but in measuring. Given a finite amount of resources the ROI becomes critical because it allows you to determine where to best focus your social media network marketing efforts in order to get where you want.

In what is going to be an eye-opening Hangout On Air (HOA) in our sixth #SMTPowerTalk we cover the ROI question and social media network analytics. Our guests, this time, are Lee Smallwood, founder and CEO of, and Ammon Johns of Between them they combine more experience, knowledge and expertise than any two marketers I know.

In each of the monthly #SMTPowerTalk shows we have looked at the tools, tropes, tricks, tips and insights you need in order to market better online. In the past we have covered issues such as Making Marketing Personal, The human Factor in PR & Marketing, and How to Make Disruption Work for You.

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