SMTPowerTalk: Personas and Personality in Social Media Marketing

David Amerland
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Posted on August 20th 2014

SMTPowerTalk: Personas and Personality in Social Media Marketing
We all work in the relationship economy. People connect with people rather than businesses or brands. Do personas still work in social media marketing? Do they work in marketing, even? To discuss all this with me in the eighth #SMTPowerTalk were none other than Lee Smallwood, of semantic analytics company, and Ammon Johns, CEO of Ammon Johns & Co. 
Last time they got together, it was for the sixth SMTPowerTalk. We discussed the ROI of social media marketing and talked about the transition of return on investment to return on involvement
This time, the talk revolved around authenticity, acting, the social media stage and how difficult it is to sound trustworthy in a social media setting: the challenge of appearing not to sell when all you want to do is to sell. Lee and Ammon are so in tune on these subjects that it is hard to believe that they have never met, or discussed the issues beforehand. Yet, before each #SMTPowerTalk show the only discussion that takes place behind the scenes is a notification on the topic and a few instructions on the technicalities of the HOA environment (which in this case were superfluous). This makes the conversation unrehearsed, authentic and free-flowing. In the flow of ideas come insights - the sort of insights, as a matter of fact, you’d find yourself paying thousands of dollars for if you’d hired a consultant. The fact that these HOAs are free is a testament to Social Media Today's commitment to furthering the online conversation by examining the paradigms that are changing and the new practices that happen behind them. 
Dive into the video and enjoy. 

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David Amerland

David Amerland


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