#SMTShorts: @WillMcInnes, CMO of Brandwatch [VIDEO]

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Posted on June 13th 2014

#SMTShorts: @WillMcInnes, CMO of Brandwatch [VIDEO]

Will McInnes, CMO of Brandwatch, talks about social listening, social media command centers, and how brands can move beyond the memory of Oreo's dunking in the dark when it comes to real-time marketing.

What's the fine line between being intrusive and responsive when it comes to social listening by brands?


Is there a difference between social listening, social monitoring, and social understanding?


What is a social media command center (and what beverages can we expect to find in one)?


Finally, for those of you sick of hearing about Oreo's legendary Super Bowl tweet, here's an example of another brand whose real-time marketing skills wowed Will:


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Aja G

Aja Gabel

Other, Social Media Today

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