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So... What is Your Klout Score?

While presence in the social sphere is gaining momentum, it becomes increasingly important for organisation to measure the actual impact of the social presence. While it was always difficult  to quantify the ROMI, with the advent of the social channel this has increased manyfolds. Success of  any venture lies in knowing what to measure and controlling the key metrics within the desired range. While there are a lots of theories and practices of measuring the social media ROI( SMROI), there is no one-size-fits-all kind of a management theory, which can be adapted.


While there are lots of such theories floating around, each claiming one metric to be more important than the other, one of the common metrics which many believe is effective in measuring and controlling is the social influence.  One of the established metric of measuring influence in social networks is the Klout Score. Although in social circuit, there are many who question how scientific this measurement is, but till today it is one of the best available barometer for measuring social influence.

The methodology used by Klout is focused primarily on measuring how influential you are in your social networks.When you share, like, retweet in your social networks, you influence people. The more engaged your actions are, the more influential you become. The analysis of your social influence is presented as a score between 1 and 100, the higher the score the more influential you become.

Since your action changes, so does your score. Klout defines Influence as the ability to derive action. Which means that the spread of your network is less important than the depth. Keeping your audience engaged is the key. For Klout to give you a score, you must be able to add your networks to Klout. Now here is a catch, if you are most influential in a network which is beyond Klout’s measure then your influence in that network does not influence your Klout score . :-)

The score generated is on a 90 day rolling period with higher weightage given to the later actions. It measures 3  broad parameters:

  • Your true Reach: It is the number of people influenced by you directly or indirectly
  • Your Amplification: It is the depth of influence you have on your audience
  • Your Network: It measures how influential your network is when compounded

So.. What is your Klout score?

Create a profile in and check your influence. Do make sure to add all you active network, unless you intend to keep your profiles private. Please go through the data policy though before you create a profile.

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  • Devani Alderson's picture
    Nov 26 Posted 4 years ago Devani

    I agree, Klout is useless. I think it would be better if they offered a viably way of measuring online social analytics, not just giving us a meaningless number that supposedly ranks our ‘influence’ -- I’m on Klout since a friend told me it was ‘cool’.  I played around with it the first day and then thought it was confusing and never really check it anymore.

    Also, time is money, so I don’t want to waist it on a site that has no ROI for my business

  • Jul 11 Posted 4 years ago Domin8tr

    Like any concept it needs to be tested for relevancy and consistency.  Very interested in seeing if the score can turn into a standard


  • jgibbard's picture
    May 11 Posted 5 years ago jgibbard

    This post is utterly useless.  What new thinking does this post offer?  Basically, it's saying, we don't know about a lot of things in social media, so here's Klout and it mesaures influence....what's your score?

    How is this making it onto Social Media Today...honestly? 

    Let's stop perpetuating this conversation that Klout means anything. It's a game, and it means almost nothing with regard to "social influence."  There are far too many factors that Klout doesn't measure and factors that Klout cannot measure, nor will it ever be able to measure.  

    Klout is a simple conversation for simple people.  

    Find me someone that is making money because of Klout.   

  • May 10 Posted 5 years ago Clair Trebes

    Funnily enough I've been speaking to lots of people about Klout these days! For me, I'm not so sure of its 'weight' if I'm honest. Just because someones' score is 'high' is doesn't automatically filll you with confidence that they are knowledgable. 

    Spending time actually connecting with the people you believe to be influential is a far better way of knowing if they are infact influential.

    My Klout score tells people I am influential about Music / DJs - purely because on a personal level (tweeting) Music is a passion / hobby for me, its not my business! So I think that it can kind of be misleading. 

    Connect with my Social Networks, UNDERSTAND me from what I do, don't just look at a score and think yeah she knows this or that ..... 

    I just don't think its relevant, I think its just another avenue to want to connect with, without much REAL benefit

  • May 8 Posted 5 years ago Alfred Moya

    I like Klout but it does seem easy to gain. Had a friend post some sad story about a local girl and her Klout rocked up to 65 from the 30s in a single day. One mildly hot story and she blow past lots of others in her niche. It's nice to see something like this but I would ratehr see more actual referrals and the abilty to leave testimonials with our +K

  • May 8 Posted 5 years ago impressionsplus

    I have seen Klout scores in the 60s and 70s for people with 100-150 followers and less than 25% follow ratio.  I have seen Klout scores in the 60s and 70s for spammers who have never responded to a single tweet nor interacted with a single real person and who have multiple accounts (sometimes hundreds of accounts) they use to retweet their own spam with.

    Gaming the system is obviously possible which makes Klout fairly useless in terms of measuring real influence. Until there are measures in place to make sure that it can't be gamed, Klout score is another advertising avenue, not a measure of influence.

    Now there are people that deserve to be at the top of the ranks in terms of influence., but in their current form Klout or Kred are not able to measure what real social media influence is.



  • Bozhidar Bozhanov's picture
    May 7 Posted 5 years ago Bozhidar Bozhanov

    Score itself means little. An important thing is how that socre compares to others. For example my service calculates your reputation score, but also gives you local rankings. How you stand compared to people in your city, for example. Similar rankings should be provided by all social reputation engines, otherwise the score just stands in the air.

  • James Meyer's picture
    May 7 Posted 5 years ago James Meyer

    I do like being able to view an individuals public Klout score and believe it tends to lend credibility.


    James Meyer


  • May 7 Posted 5 years ago Andreas Duess

    The best available barometer? I've got to disagree. As far as I am concerned, Klout is for the insecure and the lazy. Insecure enough to need an arbitrary number to define their "influence", too lazy to actually go out into the real world and change it for the better. 

    Sitting in a front of a screen all day, posting stuff to social networks might make for a high Klout score, but precious little else. 

  • May 7 Posted 5 years ago Aagan86

    Do you think Klout score is still relevant? After the furore it created last year with changes in its algorithm? Also almost every website and analytics tool has their own scores these days eg the Engagement and Influence Score by Simplify360 or Kred scores. How relevant is Klout?

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