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Social Analytics Formulas to Use for ROI Reports

Reporting on Social Media Marketing involves defining a unique set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that help to measure the level of activity and effectiveness of your brand within the social realm.  Social analytics can measure the impact of social media on your business.  This means collecting intelligence from aggregating and analyzing online conversations and social activity generated by your brand.  By using this data, your company will be able to improve and report on brand awareness and reputation, marketing and sales effectiveness, and customer satisfaction and advocacy. The benchmarks to focus on will be those that combine specific engagement metrics that result in lead generation. This reporting will help define the effectiveness of social media as it relates to marketing, sales, and customer service performance.   We have created the reference charts below with basic formulas for analyzing the metrics for the KPIs listed based on an Infographic created by  Awareness Inc.

These insights will help your company adapt to the social environment it participates in and to improve on the relationship people have with your marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives.   Social analytics can be a combination of real-time analysis for campaigns, or historical trend analysis of engagement and growth metrics.  By evaluating your company’s social analytics, you can report on the return on investment from participating in social media marketing successfully.

What are other KPIs that your company uses as a measurement for social media success?   Share your ideas or questions via the comments box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • May 13 Posted 5 years ago Michael Kook

    sorry but simple voice countings couldnt be KPI.  for example, brand awareness came from the measurement of consumer knowledge and cognition.  


  • May 11 Posted 5 years ago jroppo

    Great highlight of the metrics for tracking. ROI all starts with knowing how many people you’re capturing or missing out on. I work for a company that sells ROI services and products, and it all revolves around tracking metrics.

  • Dubtizzle's picture
    May 10 Posted 5 years ago Dubtizzle

    Happy to find a posting on ROI. Question: How exactly are you measuring the sales from social media channels? Is this depending on E-Commerce websites?



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