Social Influencers: Digital Marketing's Most Overlooked and Misused Resource [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ritu Pant
Ritu Pant VP of Marketing, Infographic World

Posted on March 26th 2013

Social Influencers: Digital Marketing's Most Overlooked and Misused Resource [INFOGRAPHIC]

With all that has changed due to the Internet and social media and the ways that advertisers can creatively reach the audiences of the digital era, surprisingly little has changed in the way that advertisers spend their money. Your basic banner advertisement is still the big financial drain. Social media is getting a small upswing in advertising dollars, but it isn't as much as one might think. It almost seems as though the newest form of advertising has still managed to be old-fashioned in its approach.

The place where businesses struggle to find a safe way to invest their money is in the realm of word-of-mouth advertising, engaging and employing those people who can effectively influence their audiences in the marketplace. As this infographic shows, influencers in social media have the potential to direct market behavior your among their peers. What most research doesn't show is how to effectively take advantage of that.

This info graphic fills in some of those blanks. It shows both the research that reveals the huge potential social media influencers have in generating revenue for businesses online and elsewhere, as well as some insight into how to effectively seek out in power people with social media clout who also love a specific brand.

It is hard to believe that in a digital world where people are so connected, it still seems to be completely difficult for businesses to use that to their advantage to more efficiently maximize their ROI. Companies continue to spend on banner ads instead of on the people who can really make a difference in the way people purchase. This info graphic should help researchers and advertisers see what great potential there is in the power of social media and general online influence. Bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook champions really can be wise investments. Here is some of the wisdom that may help.

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Social Influencers
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Ritu Pant

Ritu Pant

VP of Marketing, Infographic World

Ritu Pant is the VP of Marketing at Infographic World - a visual communication agency in New York.

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Stephen Tamlin
Posted on March 27th 2013 at 5:54AM

Great article Ritu.

I think influencer marketing is a great way to improve ROI and to become an influencer yourself.

Ritu Pant
Posted on March 27th 2013 at 12:06PM

Thanks, Stephen. Glad you found it useful.