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Social Media Analytics: From Return on Investment to Return on Involvement [VIDEO]

ROI is the dirty word in social media. The moment it’s aired you get one of two responses: flashy numbers (clicks, visitor figures, reTweets, Likes and +1s) or mushy concepts (brand appeal, brand impact spread, influence rise or social media visibility). Both lead to discontent amongst clients and marketers who know what they are doing.

The reason we have such an approach lies in the way we have traditionally approached metrics in social media marketing. Surely there are better ways or surer methods. This was the basic question put to Lee Smallwood of Nod3x and Ammon Johns of

Veteran marketers who have been part of the evolution curve of marketing from offline to online, they fielded some tough questions on Return On Investment, metrics, engagement, setting targets, approaching online and offline work and successfully understanding what you see every time you look at chart figures on social media marketing metrics.

Lee gave us the incomparable that ROI should be Return On Involvement and Ammon focused the mind by calling for a return to basics before any kind of marketing is even attempted.

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Enjoy the video below: 

Next month we have two high-powered guests, CEOs of social media-facing companies. I promise you it will be an unforgetable event. 

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    Risk Of Ignoring!!!!

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