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Social Media for Business: Get Social or Get Lost

why social media

Looking back upon my middle school years of Xanga and Myspace, it’s mind blowing to examine how greatly social media has evolved in the past ten years. The rapid evolution of the social web has brought new brand leaders and businesses to the forefront, while leaving some well-established Fortune 500 companies in the dust. Many successful companies wonder why they should adapt to new practices and use social media for business. Social media research conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that 79 percent of companies surveyed are using or plan to use social media in the future. So what happens to that other 21 percent? Are they affected by the changing dynamic of reputation management and online business practices?

The answer is yes.


My advice? Get social or get lost.

Establishing thought-leadership in the social stratosphere is critical in the survival of brands this upcoming year. Whether companies choose to make strides in developing and maintaining a social presence will determine whether their business models sink or swim. International speaker and acclaimed author of SocialnomicsErik Qualman, shares his intriguing ideas about the importance of social media in this video.


According to Socialnomics, the business world no longer has a choice in whether it will participate in social media. Every industry, business, brand and individual will be affected by the evolution of the social web. How well you do business will now be codependent on how well you can do social.


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  • MjMcCook's picture
    Mar 4 Posted 4 years ago MjMcCook

    Starting them young I see! Nothing wrong with that. Technically you're supposed to be of 13 years of age to create a Facebook account..but I won't tell! :)

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Mar 4 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    HI Megan, my two years old newphew first toy is iPad, his mother (my sister) setup his Facebook profile when my newphew was 3 months old.

  • MjMcCook's picture
    Mar 4 Posted 4 years ago MjMcCook

    We couldn't be more on the same page, Becca! Any business owner or social media skeptic should definitely give this video a watch. The statistical breakdown is one of the most significant representations of the importance of social media that I've ever been able to share with my not-so-social peers, friends and collegues. 

  • Mar 2 Posted 4 years ago ball

    I have seen this video before, one of my teachers shared it in class. I think that more people (especially older people who dont see the importance of sm in business) need to see it! 

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