Social Media Dashboards: What to Look For

Robert Downey Founder, Clear Webb LLC

Posted on March 10th 2013

Social Media Dashboards: What to Look For

social media dashboardWhen shopping for the ideal dashboard to implement social media marketing for your business, there are several key factors that need to be taken into consideration. It’s more than just studying the core features and capabilities of a dashboard, it’s about what it can do to increase customer engagement, monitor your brand and measure the results of your marketing campaigns.

Typical social media dashboards may indeed offer a plethora of wicked gadgets that offer the capability of sending email blasts or a multitude of tweets several times an hour, but is this social marketing, or merely a one-sided conversation between a business and a random mass of often faceless Twitter followers and people who happened to like you on Facebook? The dashboard you choose should carry the tools necessary to offer complete and comprehensive social media marketing.

Complete Training and On-going Support

The first key factor to consider is in the training and support of the dashboard. As a small business, it is unlikely there is a tech savvy employee handy at all times to resolve any potential dashboard troubles. Look for a dashboard that not only offers initial training, but also offers continuing support.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Congratulations, your business just sent out a series of 15 tweets to 15,000 followers over the course of two weeks, then you followed up with an extensive LinkedIn posting campaign. But did anybody get the message, or was in a lukewarm reception at best? Find a dashboard that includes reporting and analytical tools that measure results of your marketing campaigns. And the reports should be easy enough to extrapolate critical information like number of clicks, likes or comments about your business or brand without the need to break out a user’s manual. Also, check to see if the dashboard supports Google Analytics as it offers superior tracking tools.

Reach Out to Everybody

Not everybody uses Facebook or LinkedIn as their social media hub, there are those who enjoy the features of Foursquare and Flickr is popular among females. Check to see what media sites the dashboard supports. Those who use the less popular sites are still potential clients and customers, so make sure the dashboard you choose includes them in their platform.

Ready to Choose?

There are several companies that offer social media dashboard services, and all promise to increase web traffic, customer engagement and powerful tools. Here is a brief breakdown of what we discovered.

Hubspot is one of the more familiar names in social media circles. They offer advanced reporting tools and support many of the top social media sites. But they are the more expensive than the others, and you must sign a yearlong contract. They can be found at

The CW Dashboard, though one of the smaller companies, offers a comprehensive list of social media websites on their dashboard. They have analytical tools including links to Google analytics, all at a reasonable price. Check them out at

Awareness Networks is great for social media marketing, except the fact they don’t include email and text message marketing on their dashboard.  And these two tools are critical in successful media marketing. Visit them at

Choose Wisely

When you are ready to enter the realm of social media marketing through an all inclusive dashboard, take the time to see what each company has to offer. A quick click of a sign up for free button just might lead to future frustration and regrets. Now, searching for that ideal dashboard  for your business is a simpler task.dashboard tool


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Posted on March 11th 2013 at 6:12AM

Hi Robert,

Excellent post on social media marketing and I just stumbled upon your post and subscribed myself for more such information post. Thanks once again.

Posted on March 11th 2013 at 1:08PM
Great Article! I personally use TheCWDashboard; I have used many of the other's out there as well but nothing compares to the level of support that they give plus its really easy to use. It's really helped me take my business to the next level. Frank
Sam Lejfer
Posted on March 11th 2013 at 7:11PM

Thanks for the article, Robert. As you mentioned, its critical to use a dashboard that can offer support, analytics, and the ability to reach out through a variety of social media platforms. Additionally, it is essential to choose a dashboard that businesses can integrate with their CRM to add context to their social media outreach. You can import your HubSpot leads, including analytical data and contact information, into a CRM like Nimble, where you can complete their profile and begin engaging prospects and tracking opportunities from one central location.


Another prominent dashboard, HootSuite, integrates Nimble's social relationship management capabilities so that businesses aren't blindly reaching out to customers and prospects. HootSuite displays your Nimble contact's social profiles, background information, location, phone number, email, and date of last contact. 


As critical as it is to select a social media dashboard based off your criteria, it is equally critical to select a dashboard that allows enables you to engage with and build relationships with the prospects you've harvested. 



Posted on March 15th 2013 at 1:48AM

Wait a minute. You're the founder and president of CWdashboard and yet you write  "Check them out at"? And it's one of only a grand total of three tools that you "discovered," out of dozens upon dozens of offerings in the space?

Disclosing your affiliation in your bio blurb is hardly sufficent

Posted on March 15th 2013 at 9:32PM

Wait a minute. You're the founder and president of CWdashboard and you write "Check them out at TheCWDashboard [dot] com"? And it's one of only a grand total of three tools that you "discovered," out of dozens upon dozens of offerings in the space?

Disclosing your affiliation in your bio blurb is hardly sufficient.

Posted on March 19th 2013 at 4:25PM

No matter what system you choose, you have provided some great tips on making sure the right social media dashboard is chosen for the right requirements. To make your post more complete, I personally would have included a productivity benefit and why an entrepreneur should seek out the use of a social media dashboard.

Unfortuntately, I also agree with a couple of the other commenters; you should have been more forthcoming with your affiliation to By sneaking it in with only three choices, you left me feeling like you had just delivered an underhanded commercial.

I personally use HootSuite and find it to be, not only robust enough to run all of the systems, the pro-version is also pocketbook friendly. It's been around for years... how is it it didn't even make it into your analysis comments? Any thoughts you'd like to share now?

Thanks, again...

Wishing you continued success,