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Social Media & Employment: 'Apply With LinkedIn' - The New Way To Get A Job

The world's biggest social networking site designed for business, LinkedIn, has this month launched a new plug-in that allows its users to apply for jobs with the click of a button.



The 'Apply with LinkedIn' feature is aimed at both making the recruitment process easier for businesses and ensuring that those looking for work can instantly send applications to the right recipient. It's a logical step forward for LinkedIn, who have over 110 million registered members, many of whom already use the site as a place to advertise employment vacancies or their personal services.

LinkedIn's new tool makes this process simpler. Instead of users having to search for jobs on the site, find the appropriate email address and send off their CV and covering letter, they can simply click a logo and their LinkedIn profile will be submitted immediately to act as their résumé.

The new plug-in can also be embedded into external sites, and major companies such as Netflix and Photobucket are amongst the first businesses to debut it, according to LinkedIn's Technical Product Manager, Jonathan Seitel. "LinkedIn will also show you your professional connections that work at the company to increase your chances of getting hired through a referral", Seitel added.

Apps like SmartRecruiters already allow Facebook users to apply for jobs with their profiles, but with these more personal accounts often hosting embarassing pictures of drunken nights out it seems unlikely that this idea will take off, as SmartRecruiters themselves suggest.


The new 'Apply with LinkedIn' button is therefore no doubt incredibly useful, bringing a huge database of professional contacts into a more direct reach.

But given the fact that the site was launched back in 2003, it is a little surprising that it has taken this long for such a move to be realised. The news has also received a mixed reception from employers, some of whom have raised concerns about the inevitable spam applications that will have to filtered out.

In terms of the future, there are lots of further developments LinkedIn could make. One possibility could be to improve the next step of the online job application, the interview stage. Some sort of video chat interface might help employers 'meet' applicants, and would offer a cheaper, quicker alternative to traveling to an interview location. It could even be called "LinkedInterview".

It is clear that there is a lot of unexplored territory in the world of social media for employment services. LinkedIn's news this month is a sign this may be about to change, slowly, but surely.


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  • Aug 12 Posted 5 years ago Phoenix (not verified)

    Linkedin is a great site and provides value to those professionals looking to connect and find jobs.  Those listing your home to move and find a new job can use Linkedin to their advantage.

  • Aug 5 Posted 5 years ago dalle (not verified) It's not a bad initiative at all, in fact, if I needed a job now I wouldn't miss my chance to use Linkedln, from what I read so far it's a formula that works. When you're looking for a job you need all the help you can get, that a fact. I am sure the hr consulting firms are already on top of the issue.
  • Jul 29 Posted 5 years ago MailaK (not verified)

    If you're a young individual who thought you can make it through your career while avoiding LinkedIn entirely, you better reconsider. LinkedIn's “Apply with LinkedIn” button will modify the playing field entirely, according to experts. Several job recruiting aggregators and business online websites like Netflix and Living Social are currently using the new LinkedIn feature, with many more to come, according to a LinkedIn press release. I found this here: Apply with LinkedIn aligns stars around job networking service.

  • MichaelLaskey's picture
    Jul 29 Posted 5 years ago MichaelLaskey

    Hello Samar,

    I'm afraid I must confess I do not know whether companies in those regions are recruiting on LinkedIn.

    Does anyone else know?

    I can tell you that LinkedIn is currently not available to those in countries like Syria, Cuba and Iran (amongst others) due to US export laws, so it's not being used for recruitment all over the world.


    Thanks for reading Samar.

  • MichaelLaskey's picture
    Jul 29 Posted 5 years ago MichaelLaskey

    Hi Patricia,

    I agree, it's a good feature but one a lot of people have wanted for a long time.

    The danger for LinkedIn users is just that - you will need a full, complete and well thought out profile to apply for jobs. Make sure you check your profile and update it before using the new feature as you may have designed your old one without thinking of describing yourself for employers.

    Afraid I can't help you with the form, sorry!

    Thanks for reading.

  • MichaelLaskey's picture
    Jul 29 Posted 5 years ago MichaelLaskey

    Hi there, you're welcome!

    What does everyone else think?

  • Jul 28 Posted 6 years ago Samar Ali (not verified)

    Well, I think it's a good step to be done but there's something that I always feel that the companies across the Arab region (Middle East & North Africa) didn't work hard on LinkedIn. Just a thought I don't know if they're recruiting by LinkedIn's site or not ?!!!

  • Jul 28 Posted 6 years ago Patricia Patricia (not verified)

    I absolutely love this new feature and remember commenting ages ago that it should be an option.  If we take the time to complete full, rich profiles, those profiles should be used to apply to positions.

    Thank you for the article, and it's about time, LinkedIn!  You must have read my mind!


    And this form is silly.  It says my name is taken; well, my name IS Patricia.  ?????  I just doubled it.  Makes no sense.

  • Jul 28 Posted 6 years ago Social Assistant (not verified)


    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for updating on the newest feature of LinkedIn i believe this incredible feature introduced by LinkedIn is going to help job seekers and especially recuriters to make their life more easy and take decisions fast.

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for updating on the newest feature of LinkedIn i believe this incredible feature introduced by LinkedIn is going to help job seekers and especially recuriters to make their life more easy and take decisions fast.


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