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Social Media Maintenance – The 3 S’s [Infographic]

Social Media has become a rage now. No wonder, since it can encompass a lot of things, given the recent trends – improving brands identity, offering better customer service. Also,  it has enabled multiple businesses like tool development – giving brands the easy ways to share or receive status updates and monitor multiple channels, agencies – helping in developing content and social media presence for brands, etc.

Still, we have few brands who struggle with the daily chores involved with in setting up or monitoring content or even driving content. This infographic covers 3 S’s to help brands with maintaining social media presence.

Social Media Infographic


Social Media

Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

So, do you think this steps will help achieving your goal?? Share your feedback using the comments below.

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  • malharbarai's picture
    Jan 15 Posted 2 years ago malharbarai We all need some reminders at times! Glad this could help.
  • Jan 14 Posted 2 years ago CajunPygmy

    Great information! All things I know I should be doing, but I need that reminder and the kick in the rear to get it done. Thanks!

  • malharbarai's picture
    Jan 14 Posted 2 years ago malharbarai

    Thanks Cynthia.

    Glad you liked them. Am sure it will be helpful!

  • Jan 12 Posted 2 years ago Cynthia Koerner

    This information is extremely helpful.  Hopefully it will help me become more organized about posting, blogging, etc because being organized is where I sometimes fall short.  

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