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Social Media Management: Tools to Monitor Social Mentions

social media managementProfessionals, as well as small business owners wanting to delve into online marketing, will have to monitor their social mentions to monitor customer comments and more. A positive online reputation can mean the difference between traffic that will look into your services, or being overlooked on the webosphere. We’ve previous written about using HootSuite to assist you in this area. Today we’ll look at some additional tools.

With these tools you may be notified whenever a website or a social media account mentions your brand. This will allow you to directly respond to questions and inquiries. Many customers tend to be pleasantly surprised when companies reach out and directly offer a solution to their problem, issue or question. This will allow you to monitor who is discovering your content, who is visiting your website, as well as expose potential platforms for collaborating with other businesses related to your niche.

Social Media Management And Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media platform. With over 645,700,000 users, you will be doing yourself a disservice to not tap into this traffic and actively monitor it. TweetBeep will allow you to be notified whenever someone mentions your brand on the website. TweetBeep is effective – with the premium version notifying you of Twitter mentions every 15 minutes. The basic package of TweetBeep will notify you in longer time increments if you choose. Many Twitter users utilize URL shortening tools. TweetBeep will still notify you, even if the URL has been changed or modified in any way.

Monitoring Keywords and Phrases

BrandWatch will allow you to analyze and monitor certain keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. One of the reasons people use BrandWatch is that it is compatible with almost all social media platforms. BrandWatch, unlike TweetBeep, is not free. However, there is a trial version you can utilize. At the end of the trial version, you can decide if BrandWatch is right for you.

Free Google Tools

Google Alerts is free to use for anyone on the Internet. You can monitor your reputation as well as your online competition with Google Alerts. Google Alerts will allow you to carry out competitor research, identify quality backlink opportunities, as well as track breaking stories. Before setting Google Alerts, think of keyword phrases that are relevant to your brand. You can monitor up to 1000 alerts. Whenever individuals are using your particular keyword in the search engine, you will be emailed.

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  • Feb 23 Posted 3 years ago Neuoogle

    Good article Brad.

    With the massive growth we've seen over the last few years, reputation management has become very important to anyone in the social media  space.

    Google alerts is a good tool, but there are limitation, and isn't a streamlined workflow. If you are using or considering using Google Alerts, then check out Neuoogle in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

    Neuoogle is an alert based search tool just like Google, but has the benefits of operating all within a single application;  No more need to open your browser, mail client, RSS reader and back to the browser to manage and view your alerts.
    Neuoogle creates and stores your searches and alerts you via a push notification, telling you exactly which search has new results. It's a simple and elegant workflow.
    We support all of the advanced search features of Google such as AND, OR, Quotes "...", LINK, and range (e.g. 1..100).  We also allow you to monitor specific sites only (looking for something on to reduce false positives.
    Neuoogle is free and is currently available for the iPhone and Android.
    We are very much community driven, and are more than happy to include features out users want.
    The Neuoogle team 

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