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Social Media is a Spiritual Awakening, Not a Technological One

On January 24, 2012 I sat at my computer monitor in my home office. My heart was pounding, I felt the sweat beads forming on my upper lip, and my clammy hands were visibly trembling.

I leaned forward at my desk, quickly scanned the page, and ...slowly ... clicked ... the mouse. APPROVE.  Silence. No fireworks, no swelling music. Just silence. With one click, I had just fulfilled a dream. I'd just self published a book.

Days later my little book would inexplicably become listed at #1 in Amazon's Hot New Releases. Euphoria. I'd done it. Months before I decided to write my book after having lectured at Marist College. I was there to lecture to the students about how, if they leveraged social media properly - they could use it to help them gain employment. I was there to inspire them, but they were the ones who inspired me! I worked on the book for a few months based on this lecture. I completed 14 chapters, and then I scrapped it. I wasn't foYour World is Explodingllowing my heart. What was truly in my heart, and what would eventually become my now published book is more of a manifesto really.

I joke and say that you'll understand the zeitgeist of my book if you imagine what would have happened if the character Jerry McGuire knew he could self publish - and decided to do so with his famous "Mission Statement."

I'm not a writer by trade. But I believe what I wrote about so fully that the book poured out of me. It's certainly from the heart, and I hope you feel that when you read it.

All of this. This thing we call social media - is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one.

Of course all of these interactions are supported by technology - but non of it would happen in the manner in which it all unfolds if it weren't for us. We're connecting with each other on a deeper level via technology.

Right now, you're sitting at your desk. We've never met, and yet I'm able to write this content - hit the publish button and have my thoughts appear on your screen. No printing press needed. Immediately I'm now sharing these thoughts. You're hearing them in your mind, and you're adding your own take on my manifesto. There's no way around it. It's spiritual.

Those of us who have the ability to truly, wholeheartedly and profoundly engage in this social media animal are those that understand that all of the content we put out there MUST come from a pure place - reference Gary Vaynerchuk, or Chris Brogan. Truth permeates everything these two put out in the social ecosystem.

Social media is the first step of our humanity connecting in profound ways via our collective unconscious. I'll end this post here, and allow it to stew in your brain for a little while. This is the first of many posts I hope to add to help add some more color around my manifesto. I hope you'll embrace it. I know it to be true, and I hope that you'll add your stories, comments, or questions on this post. I believe that I'm starting a very important conversation that we should all delve into.

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  • Chris Dessi's picture
    Mar 5 Posted 5 years ago Chris Dessi



    Thank you so much for taking the time to offer your comment.  I appreaciate your support, and really hope you love the book.


    Thank you again!



    Find me on twitter @cdessi if you'd like to chat more! Or shoot me an email at


  • Mar 4 Posted 5 years ago Courtney Ramirez

    You have hit on something really profound here - and I think it's just the start of people realizing that the technology we've developed dovetails right into the social, mechanical, political and philosophical changes we're going to need to make in order to survive as a species. Being able to make connections with others who share your perspective (and even using social media and online connections to develop your own perspective) makes us feel less alone and more empowered to create a world that we really care about.

    Social media taps into a lot of important self development concepts - like discovering your true path, contributing to the success of others and working on yourself. Without these things, you're not going to make a splash and not going to be able to get the traction you need. It's making corporations become more ethically responsible as well. It's no coincidence that triple bottom line businesses share the term "social" (social entrepreneurs, social business). Being social means being accountable, and defining what really makes you "you" - whether you're an individual or a company. 

    I can't wait to read your book - and I hope that it continues to grow in popularity!

  • Chris Dessi's picture
    Mar 4 Posted 5 years ago Chris Dessi

    I'm so happy the post struck a chord for you! I hope you enjoy the book as well!  Please find me on twitter and let me know what you think after you've read it!  @cdessi

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  • Chris Dessi's picture
    Mar 4 Posted 5 years ago Chris Dessi



    I just sat down and read your comment to my wife. Thank you so much for your heartfelt support!


    Please let me know if I can ever help you!


    Warm Regards,


  • Mar 4 Posted 5 years ago choosetofly

    I can just feel your emotions are you hit Approve.  There is something that makes you feel so exposed when you actually write your most pure thoughts and ideas.


    Congratulations on your book and thank you for this article.  I completely agree that social media has a spiritual component.  I have an inspirational line of clothing and accessories and having the ability to share my ideas, designs and products via Facebook allows me to spread my message of love, joy and peace without leaving my home.  The ability to touch the heart of someone thousands of miles away while wearing my pajamas in my kitchen is such a gift and blessing.  Being able to make contact with friends of friends was never possible before social media existed.


    I look forward to reading your book.  Congratulations again, and much more success in the future...


    Kimberly Newsome

  • Mar 4 Posted 5 years ago Patricia Phelan...

    Hi Chris,

    THis was my absolute FAVORITE article on social media marketing. As a personal and professional development coach, I use social media marekting for onlihe branding. As I tell my clients, it is more than just selling your services in "140 characters or less." There is so much psychology to understanding the depth of the connections you make as well as putting yourself out there for the world to see (and sometimes judge). I see social media as much understanding sociology as it is marketing. There is a comfort zone with who you are (personally and profesionally) in order to be able to post, Tweet, updage status, etc.

    Congratulations on your book. That is AWESOME! You inspire me as I am writing a book on my own (personal development tips during times of change) and hope to self publish by the fall.

    Thanks again for the great article. Wishing you much success!

    Pattti Phelan Clapp

    Transtion Coach

  • Mar 4 Posted 5 years ago kcross13

    Powerful message - thanks for the inspiration, and right before church! I totally agree that social media is a spiritual awakening rather than merely a technological revolution. The depth, breadth, and immediacy of this form of communication(s) is astounding. Harnessing it may seem overwhelming at first, but once you latch on, the ride is thrilling. 

    I will reflect upon your closing statement, "Social media is the first step of our humanity connecting in profound ways via our collective unconscious" as I make my way today and forward. Again, thanks for the inspiration! I'm buying your book before I log off this morning! Can't wait to check it out, and good for you to pursue a passion.  

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