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Social Media Today's TEN Most Popular Posts of 2012

In this post we recognize the authors of the articles that attracted the most unique page views during the past year. These articles were published in 2012.

Most of you know enough about web metrics and social media metrics in particular to understand that unique pageviews - or any parameter - alone does not tell the whole story. These counts are at the head of a long tail since we've published well over 4,000 articles this year. Articles published earlier in the year have had longer to attract attention, for example.

The variety of topics in these 10 articles is notable, as is the conspicuous presence of one of our regular contributors, the prolific Brad Smith, who clearly has something figured out. But while some of these authors have been with us for a while, a couple of them were publishing through us only briefly.

If you're not already doing so, it's simple enough to register and submit material for publication. Our contributors provide the fuel to run the site and we try to provide them with more reach to our many fans, followers and group members. 

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for....


The 3 Worst Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business (And What You Should Do Instead)

New media has changed the way we interact and communicate.To understand and adapt to these changes, "social media experts" popped up to help organization's evolve their marketing communications accordingly.But while their intentions might be good,...

Brad Smith, November 19




The Single Pinterest Pin That Launched a Company

Go to today and you’ll find a company that prides itself on offering a vast selection of unique iron works and home décor. The small store peddles picture frames, racks and designs you can’t find anywhere else. Step on into the company’...

Andre Bourque, September 10




15 Must Know Tips to Rock Your New Facebook Timeline Business Page

Yup, Facebook did it to us again. This time they have added the new timeline to business pages. With it come both good and bad changes.  As I wrote in this earlier post “ Quit Blaming Facebook and Fix Your Own Marketing Problems” it’s important...

Pam Moore, March 23




OMG! Over 40 Twitter Abbreviations You Should Know

This post is written by MarketMeSuite intern @trishbaden and edited by me.Trish helps even the new Tweeter learn the best ways to get the most out of 140 characters! Trish is also regular contributor to our blog...

Tammy Kahn Fennell, January 4




The 3 Worst Ways Companies Waste Money in Social Media

They say you learn something new everyday...And one of the things I recently learned was a new oxymoron: a social media budget.Because in most companies, it simply doesn't exist. They expect Fans, Followers, Likes and Pins to fall from the sky.But...

Brad Smith, September 12




23+ Essential Facebook Page Applications to Improve Fans Engagement in 2012

Greetings and Happy New Year! To kick off 2012, some of you may think of giving your Facebook Page a facelift. There may be some features you wish to add such as custom iframe tabs with fan gate option or ideas to encourage fans engagement on your...

Ching Ya, January 2




3 Social Media Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making


Social media isn't easy.There's always a new platform you should sign up for, or a new feature you need to learn about. And everyday you're reminded of just how far behind you are.But here's the good news.By simply addressing a few mistakes with...

Brad Smith, June 25




Why 1700 CEOs Are Wrong about Social Media

IBM asked CEOs all over the world what they believe is going to happen with social media for the next three to five years. What they had to say was revealing.“For the first time in my career, I feel old. People in their 20s work and think about this...

Nate Goodman, November 11




Forget About ROI, Start Thinking About 'ROE'

Word-of-mouth is gold and social media is the vessel we use to promote it, but how exactly is it accomplished?  As businesses we are always looking for ways to lower the cost of acquiring new customers.  It’s simple economics, the lower...

David Johnson, March 11





Why Women Are the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors In the World

Last December I wrote of the need for more brand ambassadors. The need, as I surmised it, was based on a finding from a study conducted by Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Lithium, a social media tech firm.There was one study finding...

Steve Olenski, March 19



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