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Social Media Trends That Will Rule the Roost

ImageEven about a few years ago, if someone asked me what is the in thing at that moment for the web world, I would not have taken a moment and answered that it’s social media. Websites, such as Facebook, gave a completely new perspective to the internet as a whole. However, if you are talking about the latest trends in the field of social media, I have to say that they have travelled a lot over the last few years. New trends have emerged, which have given a new shape to this platform. They have helped increase the importance of social media, especially for the businesses.

Short Videos to Tell Your Stories

The old adage goes like this: a picture tells a thousand words. But in this age when information spreads almost at the speed of light, even a picture is not enough. There is a need to give the information about your business to the client or the customer in some special way. In recent time, videos have become extremely popular to serve the purpose. You can make small videos that tell the story of your business. Make sure they are made in the best possible way to attract the attention of the potential clients. Make use of different platforms, such as Instagram’s 15 seconds video or Twitter’s Vine app, which will help you create the best videos that you can share on the internet. They will help to spread the word about your business across the world.

Increasing Importance of Google Plus

The importance and popularity of Facebook has reached extremely high and it is still growing. However, another platform, the Google Plus, failed to rouse public interest in the initial days when it was introduced. However, recent studies say that this platform currently has around 300 million monthly active users. This is no doubt a great sign for the Google Plus lovers. Moreover, the platform is expected to be integrated with Google search engine in near future. It will ensure that being active on Google Plus will not only be boosting your network, but will also come in handy from the search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. It will help your website feature among the top in the Google search results for certain keywords.

Significance of Using Contextual Content

Content marketing has been a favourite strategy of different businesses across the globe. It is going to continue remaining so. However, some of the things about content marketing have changed significantly. Even a few years back, volume was the primary thing when you were speaking about content. The scenario has changed in recent times. Not the volume but the context is the keyword now. It is extremely important to use content that are relevant to the social media channels you are using. This is when you are going to reap maximum benefits of your activities. Using contextual content is expected to become imperative across social media in the days to come. Besides, visual content is also expected to rule the roost in the years to come.

Facebook’s Excellent Performance Continues

Facebook will continue to be one of the most important social media platforms in the years to come as well.  It is probably one of the most important and powerful digital platforms to have ever emerged. It will continue performing in a successful manner. More and more businesses are expected to go for Facebook’s paid mode of advertisement to reach out to more and more audience. Over the last few years, Facebook was underutilised, probably because investors were not sure how to make full use of it. However, there is still a lot of room for it to grow. And if the investors are able to make full use of it, Facebook can still render new surprises for businesses.

LinkedIn will become More Important

If you are looking for a job, you will get a lot of platforms for it. Moreover, you are expected to get some of the most important professional platforms with a touch of common social media spaces. For example, LinkedIn gives you the chance of exploring the professional world with a personal touch. Its importance is gradually on the rise. While it can be one of the best spaces to look for job opportunities, you can also connect with other professionals here. The importance of this platform is expected to increase significantly.

Since its earliest days, social media has become extremely popular among the people across the globe. Be it for business needs or personal connections, they are used for almost everything. Their importance has increased significantly over the years. In recent times, it is almost difficult to think of a day when you spend without using any of the social media platforms. However, these platforms have transformed over the years and it is extremely important for all users to remain updated about the changes to reap maximum benefits from them.

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  • williamjohnson's picture
    Dec 31 Posted 3 years ago williamjohnson

    Yes Sonia, the content will remain the king in the years to come as well. And they will be accompanied by graphic representations, such as infographics, images, videos and so on.

  • williamjohnson's picture
    Dec 31 Posted 3 years ago williamjohnson

    Yes, absolutely true Hailley. As we say, a picture speaks a thousand words. And so, we are moving towards communication through them. The titles and information act as the icing on the cake.

  • hailley's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 3 years ago hailley

    Like you mentionned at the end of the significance of contextual content, images are definitely on the rise. Not just any images, I notice that often times it's images that also have titles or information on them, they are easily shared on Pinterest. Even Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon and allowed images to take over a little bit more. 

    Great post, William!

  • Sonia Johnson's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 3 years ago Sonia Johnson

    William Johnson: You are absolutely right above mentioned points has played important role in 2013. Moreover in 2014 also these marketing methods would work alot. Include Social Media or Viral Marketing in your marketing strategy. Content Marketing i.e. textual as well as visual contents ie. images, infographics & videos focuses more on users and according to Google and other search engines if users are satisfied then you are leading in your industry. Hope this paragraph would also be liked by readers.

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