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Tuesday, June 20th

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Social Media Tricks: 3 Things to Outsource (and What You Can't!)

Social media engagement takes time, and let's face it, we all don't have a lot of time. There are many discussions about outsourcing social media but most will not tell you that you CAN outsource social media successfully. They key to social media outsourcing success is that it's a partnership between your chosen outsource company and yourself. Here are some Do's and Don'ts on how to successfully outsource a winning social media campaign.

Do Scheduled (Pre-written) Relevant Content. Outsourcing your scheduled content enables a consistent delivery of quality content on your social media platforms. It is an art, however, and be sure to find the right fit for your industry. All writers are not the same, and writing status updates and tweets is very difficult and requires a great deal of research and intuition. You should look for a company who will write witty, informative content and stay away from very general (common sense) content.

Do outsource finding friends/followers.  This can be very tedious and time consuming if you're looking for specific targeted profiles.  Outsourcing this task just makes sense.  Make sure the company you use for this task knows their way around such applications such as and have a clear understanding of your target audience.

Do outsource branding of your social media pages.  Having a branded profile page on Twitter and Facebook (and YouTube) sets your business apart and creates a consistency to your company's brand.  The added polish of custom graphics on your Facebook Fan Page wall and landing page tab, along with a custom Twitter and YouTube page reinforces your branding efforts.  This is a great return on investment (ROI).

Don't outsource list creation on your Twitter profile.  Take the time to go in and set up lists of targeted influencers on your profile.  This is only something adviseable for you to do—you are the best judge of who you want to listen to and engage with on Twitter.

Don't just let your scheduled updates ride.  Choose at least 10 minutes a day (5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the afternoon) and go into your accounts manually (not through a scheduler) and have something to say to add to a conversation, or add an original update from you.

The most important thing to remember if you're considering outsourcing part of your social media marketing is that you can't ever completely outsource all of your social media marketing (at least successfully)  A successful outsourcing of social media marketing requires active partnering and participation from you along side your chosen outsource company.

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  • Jun 20 Posted 7 years ago RobertBacal On my bad days, I figure it doesn't matter, and that the whole process is going to get co-opted by the desire to make money faster, and ethics, and the actual point of social media (that which it can accomplish well) will be lost or overwhelmed by scalable methods to appear to be interacting without interacting in a personal way.

     So, the business person in me, says: whatever makes you money, but the personal user says: Oh god, I can barely deal with the trash on SoMe now, God help us with more superficial stuff outsourced to ???

     On my good days...hmmm...when was that last?


  • JeromePineau1's picture
    Jun 20 Posted 7 years ago JeromePineau1 IMHO this is akin to asking if a CM can be hired as a consultant (not an employee) or not. I'm on the fence on that one. I think Krissy hit a note there - when I put myself in a community member's shoes, I'd be a little put off knowing a given CM is just a hired gun. On the other hand, it's probably fine to do this if the intent is to eventually take over the task internally. Then the CM consultant is just greasing the rails to independence. As long as that's clearly explained to the public, then in my book that's a-ok.
  • Jun 19 Posted 7 years ago RobertBacal Well, people hire bloggers, tho perhaps it's not the same. On the scheduled tweets thing, you know, maybe we (or a company) needs to decide whether it wants to treat SoMe as a broadcast medium, like everything else, or wants to use it as interactive dialogue which is what all the supposed hype and hope claims talk about.

    I know what he issue is, of course, and that is a broadcast medium scales, and an interactive one does not. That's a huge thing businesses have to think about and the majority scale and shout at people.

     The more you broadcast, the more you can outsource, and the more you outsource, the more you sound mostly like everyone else. Competitive advantage?

    Moe on the scaling thing on Giving The Business To Social Media


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