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Social Media A-Z: A Glossary for 2013

With the 2012 marketing season soon to wind down, we are all gearing up for 2013. Here are some questions that should be on every good marketer’s mind: What are new strategies? How can we execute? What is our budget? To help you find the answers, take a look at the social media glossary below – think of it as a concise guide to refer to when you are planning out your 2013 social media marketing plan.

Attention – always pay attention to everyone in your online community. Remember, those fans and followers are real people.

Blog – no matter what field you are in, you should have a blog that reflects your brand or organization; this will build readership among other thought leaders in your field.

Community – this is what social media is all about. Social networks are simply online communities. Engagement, discussion and respect are top priority within these communities.

Delete – don’t do it! Unless there is graphic content that must be removed, do not delete what your community is saying. It negates transparency. If you host a community where profanity or hateful comments abound, then post a “house rules” disclaimer stating you will remove certain kinds of comments. This will protect you from angered fans.

Engagement – do it! Always. By actively engaging with their communities, brands build zealots and open lines of communications – this leads to great word of mouth. We all like the good chatter. It’s a great way to thank those who support your brand.

Facebook – Once the mothership, but with many other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest gaining traction, it is not seen as the head of social networks anymore.

Google+ – I firmly believe that Google+ is essential in today’s social media marketing plan for brands. Three words, S-E-O!

Help – always be willing to lend a helping hand as a brand. Fans and followers use social to get answers, be there for them.

Instagram – one of the most popular social networks. Why? Multimedia always wins, especially filtered multimedia. Visual content is key and Instagram is an easy way to make your photos even better.  Great visuals +  branding = a social win.

Jabber – don’t unintelligibly ramble on. It’s a turn off and will make people want to leave your community. Keep it short and to the point.

Klout – Albeit a little faulted in many experts’ opinions, it still helps identify who is influential with-in defined categories. Don’t invest too much in the actual numbers though.

Listen – one of the most important practices in social media. Listen first, speak later. No one likes the person who only talks about themselves at the party, and you can gain key insights to your fan base.

Myspace – oh snap! I said it. It’s coming back. Don’t believe me? See here.

Network – what it’s all about.

Optimize – stay on top. Make sure all of your channels, sites and marketing plans are up to date and as functional as possible. Cross promote your properties as well. Make it easy for fans to find you.

Pinterest – the new business pages are here. Get crackin!

Quiet – don’t go quiet. When a brand goes away so does all of the word-of-mouth (well, at least the good kind…). Your once dedicated fans will not be happy campers. If you have gone silent then start posting again as soon as possible, no excuses, just do it!

Reach – strive to have a big reach with your brand message, but don’t sacrifice community engagement for bigger reach.

Statistics – always always always measure your data. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t where you’ve been. We recommend spending a little here to get the full picture. There are lots of affordable tools out there. Invest in social and you will get more out of your efforts.

Twitter – many call it the most important social network. Twitter is essential. Think of it as the salsa dance of social media.

Unfollow – go through and unfollow people you do not interact with on Twitter, as well as inactive users, spammers and egg-heads. Value conversation and connections over your ‘followers’ count.

Visuals – multimedia is king. Try and include still visuals and motion picture in your content strategy. Be wary though, a video that is too long is dangerous.

Websites- where you probably invested a lot of money at one time. Although the party is no longer on your website, you should make sure it is functional, attractive and has links to all of your social platforms.

XXX – don’t incorporate inappropriate content. Graphic images and/or language is the number one way to make your community go rotten.

YouTube – can’t leave this out. Gotta have my ‘GangnamStyle‘ network!

Zealots – what every brand strives for. Your community should be filled with zealots who are passionate about your brand. Where do you think all the good word-of-mouth comes from?


Transparency – be transparent and open with your fans and followers. Allow them to be part of the brand. This builds dedication, something that helps everyone.


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  • Scott Ayres's picture
    Jan 9 Posted 4 years ago Scott Ayres

    This is a killer list! And a great reminder for all of us. Gonna make sure all of us here at Post Planner print this out! 

  • JamesonGBrown's picture
    Dec 28 Posted 4 years ago JamesonGBrown

    Hey, Brian! 

    Thank you for the kind words. It is always good to hear someone say "I am incorproating your writing into..." - so, thanks! Any favorite letters? 



  • JamesonGBrown's picture
    Dec 28 Posted 4 years ago JamesonGBrown

    Hi, Kim! You're very welcome :) I'm glad you not only enjoyed, but found applicable. The new Myspace is making a big comeback...we will just have to see if it can keep a good retention rate. I see it as Spotify, Instagram and Pinterest all rolled into one. 



  • Dec 28 Posted 4 years ago kimhanks

    This is great! Thanks so much for posting, I really appreciate the fun way you shared these tips, i'll be sharing this with my networks as well.  And - thanks for the heads up about MySpace - I had no idea it was making a comeback.  :) 

    Kim Hanks

  • Brian_Skinnell's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 4 years ago Brian_Skinnell

    Great post. It's a cool idea in that you made a glossary of social media. Also, the tips you provide are spot on and I am already starting to try to incorporate them into my own work. Thanks for the post and I will definitley be sharing it. 

  • JamesonGBrown's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 4 years ago JamesonGBrown

    Hi, Kent. That's a great addition! I'd even say it's the main thesis of this glossary. Thanks for the input. 

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Dec 27 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Hi Jameson, the most important is R - Relationship.

  • Mic Adam's picture
    Dec 26 Posted 4 years ago Mic Adam

    I also want to share my blog post of April 11th, 2012 on the social media alphabet -


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