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Social Mentions and Links that Future-Proof Your SEO

The recent release of Penguin 2.0 has further restricted websites that do not earn genuine social mentions and links on a regular basis. Matt Cutts, head of the Google Spam team, explained in a recent video how not only will these quality digital signals help you rank, but it also has the potential to remove filtering related to the Panda update! It is more important than ever to shift to a natural process of earning social mentions and links that will deliver results today as well as over the long term.

In a nutshell, organizations can most easily earn social mentions and links by creating very targeted content resources and promoting them on relevant websites. The eBook The Enterprise Marketer’s Future-Proof Link Building Strategy: SEO in a Post-Penguin 2.0 World presents a process of earning social mentions and links in a way that aligns with what search engines really want out of the Internet—delivering quality content that adds value and is targeted towards a specific audience. The strategy is truly future-proof, since it aligns with the overall goal of search engines rather than focusing on how to manipulate a decision-making algorithm. The results are thousands of social mentions and links at 1/10 of the cost and effort.


High-Quality Content is the Centerpiece

The eBook begins by solidifying the point that a quality content resource that “solves problems, informs or entertains” is the keystone of the future-proof SEO strategy. This content is most commonly a downloadable white paper, guide or video that is targeted towards a specific audience. Content that achieves these goals sets the stage for earning high-profile media placements, encouraging downloads and social sharing.


A High-Profile Media Placement is the Spark

Those of us who have experience link building know that outreach is the most difficult, time-consuming and frustrating part of the process. However, most link-building strategies aren't promoting a high-quality content resource. It is this content resource that arms marketers with the information necessary to present a strong case on why a particular online publication needs to present the content to their audience.

A teaser article on a high-profile media placement is the spark necessary to ignite a bonfire of demand for the value-add content resource that is being promoted. The social mentions, links and referral traffic continue to provide value as long as the article remains on the website.


A Variety of Returns Beyond Social Media and Search

The primary goal of the future-proof SEO strategy is earning higher brand visibility in social and search, but there are many other marketing returns that occur in the short term. High-quality content and media placements drive:

Online Community Growth: A landing page for the content download that contains social calls-to-action builds brand communities and follower bases on social networks.

Referral Traffic: Media placements and syndications drive visitors to your website to download your content.

Lead and Email List Growth: An opt-in requirement for downloading content builds lead lists and email subscribers.

Brand Awareness: High-profile media placements result in hundreds of syndications on public and private websites across the Web. 

Research is the Fuel

When running a race, you need fuel for every step you take from start to finish. The same applies with research as a part of every phase of the future-proof SEO strategy. Research is necessary for:

-       Understanding your target audience

-       Generating content ideas

-       Discovering the most valuable and relevant online publications

-       Writing great copy that converts visitors at the finish line 


The example cited in the eBook was a problem-solving guide that, from just one high-profile media placement, earned thousands of social mentions and more than 890 syndications in Google Search. Even more importantly, most of the digital signals generated from the strategy were in a class that can only be earned, rather than just adding links that search engines know are built.

Just like any other great digital marketing strategy, all you need is smart, hard work. Find more details on this strategy in the eBook The Enterprise Marketer’s Future-Proof Link Building Strategy: Search Engine Optimization in a Post-Penguin 2.0 World and start future-proofing your SEO strategy today.

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  • buildandbalance's picture
    Jun 8 Posted 3 years ago buildandbalance

    Everywhere I turn I'm confronted by the fact that today's internet wars are being won by the folks with the best content. Gotta work more on this portion of the business. Thanks for the detailed post.

  • Tatiana Aders's picture
    Jun 6 Posted 3 years ago Tatiana Aders

    Thanks, Robert!

  • theupsman1998's picture
    Jun 6 Posted 3 years ago theupsman1998

    Great information as always, Keep up the good work


  • Aaron Mackel's picture
    Jun 6 Posted 3 years ago Aaron Mackel

    No more SEO shortcuts!

  • jomergregorio's picture
    Jun 6 Posted 3 years ago jomergregorio

    Just downloaded the e-book. Looks very informative!

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