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Social Selling: Why Twitter is a Powerful B2B Sales Tool

b2b twitter sales

Twitter has came along way from a social network in which people told you what flavor of ice cream they were eating to a powerful platform for inside sales teams can count on for success.

Twitter Lists

Lists allow you to filter out all the noise and organize important people. For example, creating a list for industry influencers to help you establish yourself as a trusted source and thought leader by sharing their information and networking with them. Also essential is a list of your current prospects that are in Twitter. Monitor this list to listen for trigger events, or to get to know your prospects and establish some value for your next formal touch point. Also essential is a competitors list for you to gain insight into their positioning, their problems, and who they’re talking to.

The Personal Touch

Twitter gives you a glimpse into what your prospects personal life, likes, and interests are. This information combined with their professional LinkedIn profile will give you a 360 degree understanding of what makes your prospects tick. Knowing their personal lives allow you to immediately build rapport on your calls or email, and have context to have a great conversation. As sales moves toward a more buyer-centric model, this personal information will be going in to your CRM system in order to raise success metrics across the board. 


Twitter is unique in that it is almost an entirely public social network where you can find information from and interact with people whom aren’t a part of your network. This means the mount of information available is incredibly higher than most, if not  all social networks. By following hashtags that your prospects may be using, you may be able to find an entirely new set of people to sell to. Another great use is to follow the hashtags of events your prospects are attending, or even perhaps you would like to attend. You’d be surprised, following an event or conference hashtag on Twitter is like being right there. It gives you some interesting opportunities to engage with them during the conference and gives you some great ammo to have a great call with them afterwards. 

If you have some other successful ways you’ve used Twitter as a sales tool please share them in the comments.

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  • Oct 9 Posted 3 years ago Mary Savery

    Twitter cannot go unlooked as an essential tool to getting your business the attention it deserves. CableONE's The Wire wrote an article at discussing this as well.

  • davidvcoyne's picture
    Oct 3 Posted 3 years ago davidvcoyne

    Good points here, Julio. Also when it comes to "Pesonal Touch," you should always respond to a new follower with a "Thank you for following,[FOLLOWER'S FIRST NAME]." Also, provide a link to additional resources that might benefit your new Twitter follower. In the B2B realm: case studies, white papers and special reports are perfect to link to in a Twitter "Thank you" message.

  • Ryan Riley's picture
    Sep 16 Posted 3 years ago Ryan Riley

    In school right now I am taking a professional selling class and recently we have been looking at relationship selling. Like you said, we are shifting from a transactional selling to a more buyer-centric model. So much time is spent developing an understanding of the customer's needs and desires and I never thought how that could be discovered through Twitter but you're totally right! I especially like what you had to say about tracking hashtags. That's a great way to not only find new prospects, but also a way to begin developing an understanding of them by seeing how they interact/engage on Twitter. 

  • Sep 16 Posted 3 years ago LilMissGolden

    This article is very interesting. Twitter helped me a lot in past 2 years. I tweet my new blog posts, my interests and of course my designs. Many people from around the world found me on twitter. Now I have 2 twitter accounts and they are helping me with my promotions :)

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