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Social SEO in 1 Hour a Day

Social SEOSocial SEO is a full time job. Large businesses have the budget to pay for a social media manager, and can utilize their work force to produce content and monitor their social campaigns. What about small businesses?  What about local businesses, or mom and pop shops where the owners wear multiple hats? Is it possible to run a social media campaign on a budget? Or to incorporate social media into your daily routine for an hour a day?

Social media is scalable. You can do a little bit of it or a lot of it. The key is that you have to DO IT. Not having an active social presence in today’s market is like not having a website. It’s no longer optional if you want to appear professional and compete in your industry.

So, if you only have 1 hour a day for your social marketing efforts, how can you maximize your time?


  1. Set up Task Timer in your Chrome Browser.  It’s essential to keep an eye on the clock so you can keep moving.
  2. Create an account with Wunderlist.  Add to your task list what you plan to accomplish that day.
  3. Create an account with BufferApp and connect it to your main Social Media Channels.

Social Media in 1 hour a Day

  1. Content Curation:  15 mins.  Read industry news.  Buffer interesting articles so they get distributed to your social channels.
  2. Facebook: 10 mins.  Comment on 3 posts.  Engage 1 person.  Add 3 friends.  Post 1 personal status update.
  3. Twitter: 10 mins.  Retweet 3 posts.  Direct message 1 person.  Follow 10 people.  Post 1 personal status update.
  4. Google+: 15 mins.  Comment on 2 posts.  Add 10 people to your circles.  Engage 1 person.  Post 1 personal status update.
  5. LinkedIn: 10 mins.  Answer 1 question.  Participate in 1 group discussion.  Add 5 people to your circles.  Engage with 1 person directly.

At the end of your 60 minutes, you will have connected with a few of your followers, shared industry news and some personalized news, grown your circles, friends and followers,  and made an appearance in all of your primary social channels.

There is so much more you can do with social media. You can run advertising campaigns, run contests on Pinterest, become an expert answering questions on Quora, share content on a myriad of other channels.  For small businesses, the opportunities can seem overwhelming. They key is to focus on getting your presence started. As you see return on investment for your social marketing efforts, you can then reinvest in your social media campaign.

If you find yourself with extra time, here are other activities you can participate in:

  • Ask questions and answer others on Quora
  • While you are browsing the web, Stumble interesting articles
  • Pin relevant images with Pinterest
  • Writer articles to submit to industry blogs that accept contributors
  • Create powerpoint slides to share on
  • Create “How To” videos to share on Youtube and Vimeo
  • Comment on industry blogs

Elevate and look at the big picture. It may seem like an hour a day or a few hours a month is simply not enough to move your social media presence forward. However, by starting your campaign you are setting the foundation.  As you see results you will want to spend more time as you see the value and power of social media. Eventually, social SEO can bring so much ROI that you will have the time and resources to dedicate to building your campaign.

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  • May 21 Posted 4 years ago Susan Lou

    I agree with Stephen. Many business owners are scrambling to find time to market their business on a multitude of social media networks with little or no results to show for their time and effort. 

    While networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest each offer a unique set of benefits, engaging your audience across multiple platforms won’t necessarily drive results for your business. Rather than misallocating your time across multiple networks, focus on finding the networks that complement your business’s needs and your individual skill set to tap into the potential benefits each platform has to offer.

    In my blog post, I've outlined 3 steps to finding the right social media marketing channelf for business owners.

    1. Seek out your target audience 

    2. Define your objective on social media

    3. Figure out what types of resources and skill are needed to execute a successful social media marketing plan for the different types of networks?

    Check out this free guide to finding the right social media platform:

  • iSC's picture
    Mar 11 Posted 4 years ago iSC

    This is great advice for small businesses or nonprofits, and so true that just a little bit of time managing your social SEO goes a long way when it comes to growing your networks.  This is also good advice for agencies or freelance social media managers who are juggling numerous client accounts, like me! :)

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Mar 6 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    That's a good point Marcela. Measuring the performance of your effort and optimizing once you see the results is good advice!

    And you're right there is no wrong or right way, unfortunately as my job would be a lot easier if there was.

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Mar 6 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    With twitter you don't need to follow them or them to follow you back to engage with them. That's what's great about Twitter. The majority of it is entirely open.

    Comment on what they are posting, reweet them and find out what their interests are to find common ground then they are far more likely to follow you back.

    With LinkedIn a slightly different tactic is needed. If you find someone you really want to connect to then have a look at some groups they are members of, and again get to know them start conversations with them within groups before you try to connect. 

    You want to find shared values and opinions and common ground. Just like you would networking physically. Build relationships with those that can benefit you.


    I wrote a article on the ways in which you can use LinkedIn groups for your business. Worth a look here:

  • Jackson Salzman's picture
    Mar 6 Posted 4 years ago Jackson Salzman

    How does one add a new person on Twitter or Linkedin without first interacting with them online? Is it ok to simply add someone whos comments or articles you think are relavent? 

  • Mar 6 Posted 4 years ago marceladevivo (not verified)

    Stephen thanks for the clarification and I totally agree with your points!  The reason I mention to spend some time on all of the platforms is becaue in the beginning they can guess where their target audience is but the best way to find out is to create a presence and track the results of the outreach.  In the article I mention that this is simply a way to get started, to increase revenue, and then get infinitely more sophisticated in the campaign.  

    This is one way to do it and how I usually work with clients when we start.  At the end of a a couple of months we have strong social profiles that help not just in social but with reputation marketing and SEO.

    Another approach could be to hyper-focus on 1 platfrom at a time and get very proficient and strong with each.

    There's no right or wrong way to do this but generally our clients want to try out everything to begin with so that's why we have this structure.

    Thanks for your feedback and I'll definitely check out your article!

  • Stephen Tamlin's picture
    Mar 6 Posted 4 years ago Stephen Tamlin

    Interesting article Marcela.

    I guess if you are strapped for time then there are some great tips here to make the most of what time you do have, however you have to be more strategic about this. Why spend 15 minutes on Google+ then 10 minutes on Facebook if none of your target audience are on there?

    Before you do anything on social media (and any marketing) research into where your customers are. Find what social media sites they're using, what websites they are viewing who they go to as thought leaders. When you know this you know where to focus your effort. 

    Branching Out Europe are a B2B company so we spend a lot more time on LinkedIn than Facebook because we know we can generate more business this way, because our target audience (businesses) are on LinkedIn far more than Facebook. It's worth having a look at this: It's a recent article from my company about how Social Media is not just about posting things 

    Even though as a template I think this is very helpful, and I too cannot live without Bufferapp and Wunderlist, I just think people need to understand you need a strategy that is aimed towards objectives and then build a social media plan behind that.



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