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Social Startups: SoAmpli Empowers Employees in the Shift to Becoming a Social Enterprise

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Becoming a socially enabled enterprise is a top priority for an astounding 97 percent of executives. This is according to an online survey of more than 900 marketing and technology C-Suiters. Of course, it’s easier said on a survey than done. The transition toward becoming a social business is expected to take more than 12 months by 43 percent of the respondents. From defining the purpose of your social enterprise transformation to training employees and measuring implementation, it’s a lot of work.

“I have been involved with a number of employee advocacy projects, but it was the most recent one with a global media brand of approximately 45,000 staff that gave me the idea for SoAmpli,” says Maz Nadjm, co-founder and CEO of the app that turns your employees into social media advocates. “During the work, we came across four key challenges. We didn’t have a directory of staff and their social media channels. We weren’t sure of where best to share the branded content and follow-ups, or how best to measure the activities and continuously motivate staff to participate.” Image

Check off those four challenges. SoAmpli allows employees to register with their company email addresses and add their personal social channels. There’s a feed where moderators and co-workers can suggest and share content. You can also measure employees' social activities. The app is gamified as well, rewarding them with a point-based system and leader board.

It's a nice advantage that Nadjm and the startup’s co-founder and COO, Shahram Sadeghi, have extensive experience implementing social strategy for corporations. “It helps us understand the internal dynamics better, not only from a technical point of view but also for improving our client’s approach,” Nadjm says. 

SoAmpli is free of charge for three months. And it does not require installation or even contacting a sales rep. After the trial period, the cost is $3 per user per month, something that SMBs can afford and actually find more effective than spending on more traditional means of marketing. Image

On the heels of SoAmpli’s soft launch, the team is learning how its clients use the platform and what type of features they are after. “We are looking at technology partners that can add value to our thinking but also provide us with a bigger market,” says Nadjm. “We have a busy roadmap, and we are in a great position to grow globally. Our past experience gives us confidence to be a thought leader in this area. We also plan to accommodate external partners and advocates, as well as enable companies to use all the network resources they have at their disposal.”


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