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Spot On: How to Write the Perfect Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is something we keep being asked seminar after seminar. What is the perfect status update looking like on Google+, Facebook or Twitter? Well, the answer is there is no secret sauce. Or maybe there is now? The guys from Mycleveragency have at least try to define it and put in as much knowledge as possible. If it helps when all tweet and chat on social platforms at the same times, I might doubt here but still…



Original article: Spot On – How to write the perfect post (Infographic)

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  • Jul 22 Posted 3 years ago Kitty Nikolai

    What about correct spelling? Use capitol letters in the correct "palces"??

    Great article though, thank you!

  • Jul 22 Posted 3 years ago Kitty Nikolai

    "doesn't" need an apostrophe... :)

  • Jul 12 Posted 3 years ago TrackAss

    Excellent infographic, have not yet worked out how to use shortened URL's, our site is - Tracking and Asset Management, if we create a shortened URL are people confident to click link without knowledge of where it leads?

  • Cynthia Hartwig's picture
    Jul 12 Posted 3 years ago Cynthia Hartwig

    Would you mind citing the Pint stat re facial images? In most cases, faces generate more eyeballs which is why I'd like to know the source of this data. Thx.

  • Cynthia Hartwig's picture
    Jul 12 Posted 3 years ago Cynthia Hartwig

    Friendly typo alert :-) Typos doetn't need an apostrophe.

  • homemold's picture
    Jul 12 Posted 3 years ago homemold

    Great post thanks for sharing with us

  • Jul 9 Posted 3 years ago kiwilis

    Nice graphic - one more to add - check spelling before posting.

    See the Twitter area on the infographic for typo's - Use capital letters in the right palces? ;)

  • rwhunni's picture
    Jul 8 Posted 3 years ago rwhunni

    this is one great infograph. Yes | would also like to know if what time the chart is. thanks

  • Jul 6 Posted 3 years ago kxecomms

    Is the timing specific to a particular time zone? And if so, which? Great info here. Really gets to the essence of each platform. 

  • hqaddomi's picture
    Jul 6 Posted 3 years ago hqaddomi

    Good job! I'll share this article with all my customers.

  • Jul 6 Posted 3 years ago Carolestravels

    Which time zone are the times on the chart?

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