The State of B2B Content Marketing: Tactics, Sharing Tools and Metrics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jose Antonio Sanchez
Jose Antonio Sanchez Director Of Marketing, Sales For Life

Posted on April 21st 2013

The State of B2B Content Marketing: Tactics, Sharing Tools and Metrics [INFOGRAPHIC]

With 91% of B2B companies doing it, content marketing has quickly become one of the most popular mediums for marketers. Uberflip’s latest infographic, The State of B2B Content Marketing, explores how B2B brands are leveraging these tactics, including common objectives, promotion tools, metrics and reported results.

“It’s no secret that content marketing has become widely popular in 2013. However, there isn’t a lot of research on how B2B brands are implementing and measuring the impact of these tactics,” says Neil Bhapkar, VP Marketing at Uberflip. “Companies are increasing their budgets for blogging, whitepapers, videos, webinars and other types of content marketing campaigns; but it’s important to look back to see what’s actually working and learn about common challenges and find ways to address them.”

Key Takeaways:

  • 68% of CMOs will increase their budget for content marketing in 2013 [CMO Council].
  • 87% of marketers listed social media as their favorite content marketing tool; followed by website articles (83%) and eNewsletters (78%) [CMI].
  • 94% of brands create content from scratch [IDG Enterprise].
  • Young social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are growing as content distribution tools [CMI].

The State of B2B Content Marketing by Uberflip

Jose Antonio Sanchez

Jose Antonio Sanchez

Director Of Marketing, Sales For Life

Jose is a seasoned professional with 8 years of experience in online marketing, traditional marketing and cross-platform content with a design edge. He has successfully worked with public and private sector brands such as Sales For Life, Uberflip, Wella and the Governement of Ontario, Canada.

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Posted on April 22nd 2013 at 2:40PM

The Uberflip’s latest infographic is revealing! The remarks by Neil Bhapkar, VP Marketing at Uberflip, should be held on to by companies. There are content marketing tactics and tools that work, and there are those which are not working.

So, the need to address the challenges and encourage what is working is very important!
The infographic is also timely and marketers can use it to make valuable content creation marketing decisions.

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Sunday - contributor

Posted on April 24th 2013 at 2:29PM

The survey results indicating that 94% create their own content from scratch is interesting but not necessarily informative. Given that so much of the content seems to be product / service / opinion based, I would challenge those content creators to focus on creating fact based content. This type of content enables co-development of knowledge with partners/customers and thereby extends the benefit beyond brand awareness, lead generation and market education further into the sales cycle and customer relationship through engagement tools that garner deeper customer insight.