Stipple Introduces Interactive Images to Facebook

Posted on January 31st 2013

Stipple Introduces Interactive Images to Facebook

What is Stipple? If you have not heard about the service, Stipple allows you to embed interactive hotspots into an image to create additional connections directly within the image. Now Stipple supports direct publishing support via Facebook, a feature that has been missing to date.

Now it is possible to add a data-driven overlay to an image that can create connections directly from the newsfeed that allow users to take action. That action may be to lead the user to a branded destination such as the brand's Facebook brand page or .com, to create a quick path to purchase by linking the image to an e-commerce based product, to embed a link to videos that relate to the image, or to create additional connections as outlined below.

Tag Types

Today’s announcement is a huge bonus for those of us who manage Facebook brand properties. Combine this with visual storytelling to drive engagement, and you can create a rich experience that can immediately extend the reach of a static image.

With a majority of engagement happening directly from the newsfeed, adding a rich content overlay to images can optimize associations related to the content. The combinations and support possibilities are endless. Whether it’s supporting branded content, promotion, acquisition, or something else, the flexibility to tag and append content to an image is a great way to maximize story creation and connection throughout an integrated approach across channels.

Stipple Facebook Overview

In November of 2012, Stipple rolled out the ability to support Twitter publishing. From a single Tweet you can surface videos, photos, and so forth in-stream, versus pushing to another destination. Adding a rich content overlay through this media is a great way to extend static images, or link to terms & conditions for a Twitter-driven promotion.

Stipple Twitter

I first noticed a Stipple execution by IKEA and I immediately saw the potential: the ability to claim attribution, but also create a centralized experience with various access points is something that create additional value for online retailers. I immediately started to tout the benefits to this approach, but there were limitations to social sharing until today. Now with the additional support for Facebook and Twitter, the value of this platform increases exponentially for those who drive owned asset creation and publication.

Stipple Web

It’s one thing to publish and push content out, but having the ability to measure the engagement and reach of each individual image and the interactions that Stipple creates is another advantage to leveraging this platform. As you can see below, Stipple allows the tracking of engagement and reach so image interactions can be applied into the current KPI’s associated with your publishing strategy.


I would definitely recommend evaluating Stipple and the potential impact to your publishing strategy.

Larry Weintraub

Larry Weintraub

CEO, Fanscape

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Darryl Villacorta
Posted on January 31st 2013 at 3:51PM

As a Stipple user, I can definitely say there is enormous potential for this to work on Facebook. My brand has seen some nice engagement as a result of a few interactive Stipple tweets I've pushed out. Bravo, Stipple!