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Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemon Drop, Pina Colada: What Summer Flavor Is Your Social Media?

summer social media characterizationWhat is the difference between a social media participant and a social media influencer? In most cases – some, not all – the key differentiation is pure personality. This goes for global brands, tech businesses, massive enterprises, local community centers, corner bakeries – the works. The more personality a social media platform delivers, the more value given its tweets, likes, pins, posts and shares. So, what’s your social media personality – in the classic flavors of summer?

Strawberry Daiquiri: A frosty blend of strawberry and citrus goodness, this classic summer favorite is delicious, with or without the rum! Surprisingly versatile, the strawberry daiquiri lights up any festive occasion and creates a sense of celebration, bringing to mind the sweet hint of breezy summer nights. With a trace of lime, everyone loves the bursting freshness of this strawberry classic. You are inspirational and motivational. You make every post a celebration. You are a people person – happy to share observations and offbeat bits that you feel may just make someone’s day better. If you are a strawberry daiquiri, you are sweet social media royalty. First Lady Michelle Obama @MichelleObama, media proprietor, talk show legend, actress, producer, and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey @Oprah and inspirational entrepreneur Richard Branson @richardbranson - these fresh social strawberries engage visitors, inspire social ambassadors and create opportunities for awareness.

Lemon Drop: It is said that the absolute best lemon drop is a perfect combination of sweet and sour. If your social media is built on a foundation of sugar, mixed in with an icy twist of occasional sarcasm, crude wit, bitter observation and some freshly squeezed condescension, you may be a lemon drop. Congratulations, you are in great company! Lemon Drops are beloved, yet powerful. Feared, yet fawned. Lemon Drops are leaders, gifted with the perfect levels of friendly finesse and steel-cold acidity. Popular Lemon Drops are Shark Tank’s beloved, yet stoic, real estate mogul, Barbara Corcoran  @BarbaraCorcoran, and QVC Queen Lori Greiner @LoriGreiner.

Pina Colada: The pina colada is a well-known summer flavor, preeminent at beachside parties. The official beverage of Puerto Rico, the pina colada is a perfect blend of coconut and pineapple flavors, served blended or shaken with ice. It’s garnish: A simple pineapple wedge. The Pina Colada is not overstated or understated. This kind of social media flavor is a neutral sharer. Pina Coladas tweet – and retweet. They have a sense of humor…and can be dreadfully serious. Though more inclined to demonstrate the sweetness of a fresh pineapple or maraschino cherry, the Pina Colada can be serious – fast. If you are a Pina Colada, you have a vibrant and diverse social media positioning, sharing the good, bad, ugly and beautiful that inspires you each day – limitless and without reservation. You are like YouTube superstar Felix Kjellberg @Pewdiepie and Conan O'Brien @ConanOBrien – never afraid to crack a joke, make someone’s day or make a daring political point. 

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