Successful Online Business Pioneers of 2012 [Infographic]

Brian Wallace President and Founder, NowSourcing

Posted on January 17th 2013

Successful Online Business Pioneers of 2012 [Infographic]

Successful entrepreneurs are able to convert a vision into reality, and they’re able to triumph over adversity. 2012 saw the rise of several such individuals who were able to leave a lasting mark in the online sphere. Paul Sciarra and Ben Silbermann launched Pinterest in 2010, and the photo-sharing networking tool surged in popularity in 2012. Despite a difficult start, Sciarra and Silbermann refused to accept humiliating defeat—they continued to improve Pinterest, and the rest is history.

Kevin Systrom is also among the top online business pioneers of 2012. He graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in management science and engineering, the perfect storm. Systrom decided to leave his job at Google to set out to create the next big thing. He came up with Instagram, which was launched in October 2010. It was really the perfect launch timing because it coincided with the release of the iPhone 4. Instagram is an online photo-sharing tool that enables its users to take a picture, apply a digital filter to it, and share it on a variety of social networking services, including its own.

The brilliant minds behind Twitter, Turntable, and Rockmelt are also among the most successful online business pioneers of 2012. Do you use any of these social networking tools? Check out the infographic below to learn more!

The Top 5 Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012
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Brian Wallace

President and Founder, NowSourcing

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Kent Ong
Posted on January 20th 2013 at 2:38AM

1st time heard of Turntable and Rockmelt. They are US based companies?