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The Super Bowl: Our Favorite Ads

So, it’s the Super Bowl again! Rapturous applause from all of our American cousins and mainly blank stares from the rest of the British population. For those of our countrymen who haven’t a clue what the Super Bowl is, think rugby with helmets and body armour with lots of popcorn. The Super Bowl is BIG business. In fact, it’s SUPER BIG business, and millions and millions of dollars are spent each year on brand advertising because the viewing population is so high and the returns so very lucrative.

Entertaining Ads

Every year, advertisers try their best to outdo their rivals with some of the funniest, most inspiring, clever and sometimes downright weird adverts to appear on American television. Every year the boundaries get pushed further and further and advertising budgets go higher than Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, or will do if it ever gets off the ground. No wonder, then, that the ads are as entertaining as the game and sometimes even better.


We’ve trawled through this year's ads to bring you our best five. We picked these for their entertainment value, originality, humour and that feel good warm feeling you get when all is well. So sit back and enjoy our top five Super Bowl ads.

The Final Countdown

5. Number five in our list is for all you gals out there, or anyone who goes "Ahhh” when they see a puppy or a horsey. Good news, this video has both.

4. If you’ve seen any of the Matrix films - and let's face it, who hasn’t - you’re going to enjoy this ad. Think you’re going to be surprised here on two counts.


3. We are always being told that Red Bull gives you wings and if that’s true, the VW engineers seriously need to to re-evaluate their energy drink intake. Clever advertising with a humorous slant.


2. My personal favourite, and in my opinion it should tie for first place, but hey, rules are rules. For dog lovers everywhere, behold: the next generation of cuddly puppies who are cute and loveable and just as likely to have your fingers off. Do not watch if of a nervous disposition.


1. The number one slot, numero uno, nummer eins, top of the pile, rhif un (one for the Welsh there): there was really no other advertisement that we could have picked for our favourite Super Bowl ad than this piece of celluloid excellence. Makes you proud to be British. (Wipes a tear from the eye). Enjoy.


Join The Conversation

  • Feb 12 Posted 3 years ago KevinHorne

    excellent logic.  you'll go far in this industry,,,

  • Brett Dixon's picture
    Feb 12 Posted 3 years ago Brett Dixon

    Because the worlds biggest brands spend 3 Mil on an advert - not counting the production cost, showing during the most watched broadcast every year because the returns are poor.


  • Feb 10 Posted 3 years ago KevinHorne

    "In fact, it’s SUPER BIG business...because...the returns so very lucrative."

    Where's the proof of that last bit?

  • Feb 3 Posted 3 years ago Madhava Verma D...

    These are wonderful ads and deserve the top slot.

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