Super Bowl XLVII: Follow the Social Media Game

Sandy Pell Public Relations Manager, HootSuite Media, Inc.

Posted on January 31st 2013

Super Bowl XLVII: Follow the Social Media Game

ImageOn Sunday, February 3rd, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will compete against one another in Super Bowl XLVII. While the two football titans will soon clash on the gridiron, they are already going helmet to helmet on the social media playing field.

Arguably the biggest event in American sports, the NFL’s championship game is watched by millions of eager viewers every year. Before, during and after the momentous event, people will be taking to social to discuss the teams, plays and who they want to see holding up the big trophy when all is said and done.

In the interest of capturing the public sentiment about the big game, and perhaps even predicting its result, HootSuite has created the Super Bowl XLVII Command Center.

The one-on-one battles playing out on the turf are also playing out on Twitter and HootSuite will be comparing the Twitter mentions of the two teams, their quarterbacks and their coaches. We know the cheers and jeers in the stands will be amplified tenfold online, which is why this data will be accompanied by a Twitter sentiment tracker. Whether its “Enjoyment and Elation” or “Sadness and Grief,” this tracker will show what kind of emotions fans of the Ravens and 49ers can fit into less than 140 characters.

The Super Bowl XLVII Command Center also tracks:

  • Recent tweets from each team’s official Twitter account
  • The Facebook likes of each team
  • The amount of people talking about each team on Facebook

This HootSuite creation is the perfect second screen for Super Bowl viewer interested in seeing what fellow fans across the globe are feeling during the game. But it may also be an indicator of who is going to walk away on top.

Ref Owly wants a nice clean game
HootSuite tracked the Twitter mentions and sentiment of the four football teams who made the NFL’s semi-final AFC and NFC championship games and correctly predicted which two teams would emerge victorious and face-off in the Super Bowl. Maybe social media represents the new era of the “home team advantage” where the best, most dedicated fans give their team an extra boost when it really matters? We don’t really know why it works, but it has so far.

So support your team (it can’t hurt) or simply follow along with the Super Bowl XLVII Command Center.

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Yair Scher
Posted on February 1st 2013 at 3:56AM

Does HootSuite have previous case studies of monitoring sports events?

Posted on February 1st 2013 at 6:37PM

Hi Yair,

We have a few other case studies on sports that may be of interest to you. I'll list them below:

This should give a bit more context around some of the exciting things HootSuite is doing in the sports realm. We've also got an article coming out next week highlighting major sports teams from all over the world using HootSuite in some creative ways. Definitely stay tuned for that!

I'm happy to answer any more questions you may have, so don't hesitate to ask!

-Connor, HootSuite Community Manager, North America West.

Yair Scher
Posted on February 2nd 2013 at 8:33PM

Thanks Connor! I will look into it