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Survey Reveals Social Media Listening and Engaging Pays Off

A recently completed survey by Forrester on behalf of Dell revealed that companies that implement listening and digital engagement initiatives see positive business returns in customer satisfaction scores, loyalty and brand metrics.

Titled “Listening and Engaging in the Digital Marketing Age" the study focused on the state of social media in US businesses. The audience was comprised of 200 medium and large US-based marketers across three key industries, including high tech, media/entertainment, and utility and banking services.

Here some of the key findings along with the obligatory charts/graphs:

  • More than 3/4 of the companies surveyed monitor online conversations and respond to customer feedback through social media
  • Yet only 20 percent of the survey respondents place social media at the core of their marketing plan
  • 73% of those responding said they were planning to add employees focused on listening and engagement initiatives in the coming year
  • Popular social media networks have surpassed traditional tactics
  • Marketers have begun to fully embrace social networks as a listening and engagement tactic
  • Companies have become serious about their social media efforts.
  • 97% of respondents indicated that they have adopted social media tactics and...
  • 50% claim that although not a core function, they are serious about their social media efforts




You can see the full results, including full sized images and the press release announcing the findings of the survey on the Dell website

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Join The Conversation

  • Jul 29 Posted 5 years ago Anonymous (not verified)

    As @kamichat pointed out in the tweet that led me to this post, it's disturbing that the top two KPI's are impressions and "likes."

  • Jul 19 Posted 5 years ago Peter L Masters MCIM (not verified)

    Thanks for a great article!

    From my experience it seems that both sales and marketing show better results if people are prepared to listen. 

    The only way to be successful in any business is to give people what they need and what they want and you can't even begin to understand either of those things if you don't listen to the customer.


    Social media provides us with not only some very innovative and exciting ways to communicate but also some very good ways to listen. (I mean listen very loosely here and include analyse behavior)

    Great article, thank very much!


    Best regards, Peter

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