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Sustainable SEO Methods and Tools That Work in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sustainable SEO Methods And Tools That Work In 2014
It is getting harder to correctly rank in search engine because Google keeps changing the goal-posts, and now they have released the Google Hummingbird update the search engine is supposed to evolve of its own accord. That is why - I'm sharing an infographic about sustainable search marketing tactics that will make you get better Google algorithm-proof results from SEO in 2014, plus a list which scarcely features any tools that are 100 percent dedicated to the Google PageRank. This is because the Google PageRank may not be with us for much longer.
SEO vs. New SEO – Sustainable and Algorithm-Proof Search Marketing Methods That Work - infographic
SEO vs. New SEO – Sustainable and Algorithm-Proof Search Marketing Methods That Work - infographic by positionly
Here is a list of the top 10 tools for SEO workers and webmasters that can help them accomplish various SEO tasks.

1 - Google Analytics
This is one of the most famous SEO tools and appears at the top because it does what most other analytic tools do, but it does it for free. It has had a lot of criticism for incorrect or blurred results (as has the Google keyword tool), but it is just as precise as any other tool. Tools offering 100% perfection have to be highly calibrated to the point where it doesn’t matter, as there is little you can do with the extra information.

2 - Google trends
This is not even the most powerful tool that Google has. The Google AdWords keyword tool is more powerful, but it appears in the number 2 spot on this list because it is a good reminder of just how insolvent SEO really is. With this tool, you can get a general overview of how popular certain words are and apply this information to your own SEO efforts. It is not a precise raw data tool, but SEO experts shouldn’t need it.

If this were a completely free tool instead of just giving you free “go”s on it, then it would have been a stiff competitor for the number 2 spot. It is a great backlink checker that far out values the other backlink checkers on the Internet and it is very good at numerous other SEO factors. They are all listed within easy to understand and easy to navigate tabs. It means you can move from one slice of data to another and fully understand the relevance of the information you are reading.

4 - Bing Webmaster Tools
The Bing and Yahoo collaboration is the biggest competitor to Google and yet are merely a drop in the ocean compared to Google. Still, you can catch a fish in a stream as well as in the ocean, so it is a good idea to optimize for the Bing/Yahoo search engine too and using the web master tools is a good start.

5 - Copyscape
It has copy sentry that checks your web content routinely to see if it has been stolen, and it has bulk and single document checkers to see if the web content you have just bought is plagiarized. It is also a very cheap and comprehensive tool.

6 - Whois Lookup
Not commonly looked upon as an SEO tool, this can actually tell you quite a bit. It is especially telling if the people you look up are not listed. Hiding their information is very telling and may indicate they will be here today and gone tomorrow. You can also gather a lot from the times their details suddenly appear on there.

7 - SimilarWeb
This is a tool that helps you find your competitors and offers you various amounts of information about them. It is quite a good competitive intelligence tool if you are willing to put the time in documenting your competitors.

8 - StatCounter
As you may imagine, this is an analytics solution. It differs from Google in that it is not as comprehensive, which may seem like a bad thing, but do not remember that the many functions Google offers are hardly used by most people. This is just a lightweight alternative to Google.

9 - SEMrush
This is one you may have heard of. It offers competitive intelligence using a suite of tools for SEO. It is a good competitor intelligence tool if you are looking to undermine your competitors’ advertising campaigns. It gives you organic keyword data and helps you build a better SEO profile on your website.

10 - SERPmetrics
This is good because it tracks the biggest search engines over a month and then tells you what is popular, what it not, and where you may like to go if you want to rank up higher. Misused, and it is an invitation for over-optimization, but in the right hands can offer some great competitive intelligence.

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  • jobette's picture
    Apr 15 Posted 3 years ago jobette

    You forget to mention which tools are free and paid. Webmeup doc com is another good seo tools to see the geo location of your website backlinks.

  • Irfan Ahmad's picture
    Apr 7 Posted 3 years ago Irfan Ahmad


  • Irfan Ahmad's picture
    Jan 29 Posted 3 years ago Irfan Ahmad

    My pleaseure Sudipto.

  • Irfan Ahmad's picture
    Jan 29 Posted 3 years ago Irfan Ahmad

    Just keeping ourself up-to-date with industry trends (and applying them as well) can help to tackle the rapid changes.


  • Jan 27 Posted 3 years ago Jaka Kranjc

    Hashtags are overused and hardly better than keywords, especially when used outside of actual social media. It appears our online language is taking a turn for the worse.

    Overall, it's a pretty spot-on list though!

  • netrix's picture
    Jan 27 Posted 3 years ago netrix

    This is a nice and timely post. The infographic shown here helped me to understand the difference between normal SEO and present SEO techniques easily. Getting the top SEO tools in a single place is awesome by some distance. A big thank you from my side for your effort.

  • Tom Haarlander's picture
    Jan 27 Posted 3 years ago Tom Haarlander

    Thanks for the helpful infographic.  As a small business owner it's often hard to make sense of how rapidly things are changing! 

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