Take This Lollipop Facebook App – Creepy Way to Visualize Your Privacy

Lewis Bertolucci
Lewis Bertolucci Digital Marketing Manager [Social Media] | Strategist , Humana

Posted on October 31st 2011

Take This Lollipop Facebook App

Just in time for the Halloween, TakeThisLolliop, leverages the power of Facebook personalization, much like Intel’s Museum of Me, to create quite the creepy visual experience that showcases the importance of the information you share on social networks.

As we begin to embrace social media as an avenue to connect with friends, family and acquaintances – it’s also imperative that we’re mindful of who we friend and how we’re sharing our data and interacting with applications, as Take This Lollipop illustrates. Though it may be an extreme visualization of the potential that’s possible, there’s important take-aways to consider as we engage on social platforms. Additionally, as our senior and early boomer population continues to adopt social media and push these social networks, like Facebook, to grow – it’s also important that we educate our friends and family members (mothers, fathers, or grandparents) of the potential risks with sharing and engaging on social platforms.

Enough of the “look both ways before crossing the street”, talk – take the plunge and click ENTER below to see for yourself!


Take This Lollipop

Lewis Bertolucci

Lewis Bertolucci

Digital Marketing Manager [Social Media] | Strategist , Humana

Lewis Bertolucci is Founder of LimeWedge.net, an online lifestyle magazine featuring the latest in entertainment for today's trendsetters. Lewis is also founder of Discover-Louisville.com, My-Quotes.net and LewisBertolucci.com [Social and New Media Exploration]. 


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This is so creepy, i dont think im gonna slepp tonight, :(