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Take Your Facebook Interaction to the Next Level

In this digital world it is becoming more frequent that people will communicate over social media, and the growing market of smart phones and tablets allow even easier access anywhere you go. Fortunately for businesses, an increased number in Facebook fans and interaction has a strong correlation with brand loyalty. So the million-dollar question is, “What makes a post shareable on Facebook?” How do businesses break through the white noise of relationship statuses and Instagram pictures of a second cousin’s gourmet dinner for one, to connect on a personal level with their fans? Below are a few tips to help increase brand interaction!

brand loyalty

Know Your Brand

By knowing your brand you can better tailor your posts to your current and potential consumers. Social media plans should be unique for each business and by crafting posts specific to your brand and industry you will have more opportunities to speak to the hearts and minds of your consumers.

Create a Community Atmosphere

By writing posts that consistently encourage conversation you will create an environment for it. Open-ended questions, time sensitive topics and others inspire communication. Also, try to respond frequently and when it is appropriate. Show that you are paying attention to your fans.

Be Intriguing

It’s a fact, not all businesses or industries are interesting or exciting. Some are simply just a necessary part of life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reach their consumers online. How do you make a car insurance company or a grocery store interesting online? Give them something to talk about.

Be Timely

Keep an ear to the ground for news that affects your industry and followers. Post a link to the story with an explanation of what it means for you and your consumers. 

shareable content

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Pictures and videos are one of the most shared types of media online.  An image allows followers much more understanding and depth into your post. As a goal, try to post a relevant and interesting picture or video with every other to every third post.


Who doesn’t love free things and acknowledgment from their favorite brands? Giving away branded materials or even tagging someone to say thank you goes a long way for interaction and brand loyalty.

Contest: Host a contest for your biggest fan. Have them post pictures or videos of themselves showing why they are your biggest fan. Or give a prize to the best answer to a question you posted.  Or one person at random who shares the post.

Just Because: Literally just because! Take time to recognize your fans. Quick shout outs to common posters further encourage interaction. Make sure you explain why you are taking the time to recognize that person and thank them for their loyalty to your company.

Play at Emotions

At the end of the day most people’s hearts hold a strong influence over their actions. Don’t be afraid to make your fans feel something. Make them laugh or make them cry, but by giving them an emotion your post becomes more than just words, it becomes a personal connection.

It takes work to build relationships between companies and consumers, but the online world makes it a little easier. By defining a brand and finding the best ways to communicate with consumers, businesses can use social media outlets to help fans to see their personality.

This blog was originally posted on String Can Interactive

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