Ten Brands to Follow on Twitter for Inspiration

Keredy Stott
Keredy Stott Account Manager, Punch Communications

Posted on January 2nd 2013

Ten Brands to Follow on Twitter for Inspiration

Whether you use Twitter for business, pleasure or both it is worth following some of the best loved global brands. Not only will it provide you with the opportunity to keep yourself amused, take advantage of product promotions and enter competitions, but you will also learn how to create better content for your own company's feed. Big brands spend big bucks on in-house teams and social media agencies so why wouldn't you regularly read their posts and try to reproduce the best practice activity? If you want to discover more about tone of voice, the times of day they post or even the ratio of Tweets that self-promote to those that don't, here are ten brands to follow.     

Old Spice

It may not be the coolest (nor even the best smelling) brand of aftershave but you got to love a brand that goes out of its way to be funny in its posts. For example, Christmas shoppers were advised:  “This Old Spice gift set is not suitable for children. Unless those children have beards.”

Sony Xperia

The global home of Sony Mobile is the place to go for all the updates and info you need about its Xperia range of Android smartphones and accessories. The feed is very friendly and full of useful tips, plus opportunities to win products.


The self-appointed “Official Tweeter of Awesomeness” is another feed to visit when in need of a lift. Did you know, for instance, that marshmallows “use hot cocoa as a form of teleportation to their home world”?


The perennially cool German sportswear manufacturer is well known for keeping its Twitter followers informed, sharing sports news, gossip and lots of special offers.

Pepsi Co

Over a million people follow Pepsi and with the soft drink giant set to change its Diet Pepsi recipe, the Twitter account may be worth a watch in case of a ‘New Coke’ style backlash.


The social sound app that is taking the world by storm lets you record, tag and then share your ‘boo’ instantly. Its Twitter space brings you the latest and greatest boos from celebrities, media like the BBC, brands, charities and us ordinary folk.


The YouTube Twitter feed is essentially a collection of the coolest and funniest videos on the site, with YouTube itself acting as curator. With three to eight posts running daily, this is a great place to spend some free time.


One of the few brands on this list that actively ‘decorated’ its Twitter feed for Christmas, something you may consider for this Christmas, Netflix is well worth a follow if you’re looking for film and TV show inspiration.

Red Bull

The energy drink’s feed is always treading the fine line between inspirational speech and pastiche - “Life is a game. Play it. And save the princess.” It is nevertheless an interesting, and at times amusing, place to hang out.


Starbucks' image feed on Twitter always gives you a craving for a cup of something steaming and hot and its posts always engage. Also, the global coffee chain is one of the few brands that has been doing online PR through Twitter longer than Twitter has had its own official profile!

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Keredy Stott

Keredy Stott

Account Manager, Punch Communications

Keredy is an Account Director at Punch Communications. She has a wide range of PR, communications and events coordination experience, including social media and SEO activity. Her work in the public and private sectors has included media relations and campaign management as well as being responsible for internal communications and web content. Her undergraduate degree focused on Literature and in 2009 completed a Masters degree in Writing and New Media. In her spare time, Keredy enjoys all things social media but also loves to read, cook, grow herbs, fruit and vegetables in the garden, walk by canals and watch formula one.

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