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Thanks to Google, YouTube Is Now a Viable Channel in Any Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy got a big boost last year. Late in 2013, Google made sweeping changes to how YouTube treats people wanting to comment on videos. This is great news for businesses that may have shied away from YouTube, in spite of its many obvious advantages.

Gone are the days of trolling anonymous comments mucking up the constructive conversation. Video owners can now report, ban and mute abusive users. They can also remove comments. Google now requires people wanting to comment on a video to provide an identity via Google+ or another form of social media, which eliminates the problem of one abusive user commenting via many anonymous profiles.

In addition to changes in who is allowed to comment, Google also increased the value of comments by integrating them with the Google+ commenting platform. Now, YouTube Mentions also appear with Google+ Notifications.

Using YouTube in Social Marketing Media Strategy Helps Move Customers Through the Sales Process

These small changes open up real possibilities for businesses committed to presenting their audience with the kind of highly sought after quality content that the marketplace demands. YouTube is an effective way to showcase expertise and answer common questions about a product or service. Integrating this form of marketing into a social media strategy only increases its effectiveness.

As noted in this article in Forbes magazine, by the time a customer engages the sales force of a company, they are 60% of the way through the actual sales process. This is accomplished via internet research and social media. This shift in the sales process increases the value of content driven social media marketing and is a trend businesses must be aware of.

With ever-increasing knowledgeable buyers waiting longer to engage, sales people have to transition from being a “product pusher” following a process, to an insight “provider” adding value to the buyer’s business.

With YouTube in their arsenal of marketing tools, becoming a trusted source of information just became a little easier for professionals who want to use social media to their advantage.

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  • Zach Ethan's picture
    Mar 5 Posted 3 years ago Zach Ethan

    Why wasn't YouTube a viable channel before? I believe it has been a viable channel for many years.

  • Mar 5 Posted 3 years ago The Storyographer

    While improvements made to YouTube comments are indeed an important development for managing your brand presence on the platform, hosting your business video on the network may not be the best solution for your brand.

    Aside from losing SEO ranking for your own company website, YouTube is feeding your audience a host of other video distractions in an attempt to keep audiences engaged on their site. They don't want anyone to click off onto your company page. 

    Self-hosting your videos ensures your custom content can be presented in context with relevant supporting text and images in an environment designed to help inform your audience and guide them through your sales funnel.

    Building and maintaining brand #relevance is a marathon, not a sprint.



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