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These are the Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter

Community engagement SaaS provider Nestivity today announced the 25 most engaged brands on Twitter. The engagement analysis of the 100 most followed brands on Twitter, conducted Dr. Natalie Petouhoff in partnership with Evolve! Capital, indicates that neither having more Twitter followers nor posting more content necessarily translates into more engagement.

Despite posting content every 6 to 20 minutes throughout the month of February, none of the most prolific content creators made the top 25 most engaged list,” said Petouhoff.  “That means brands have to not only create great content but also learn how to use it for engagementAnd while all of the top 25 have more than 1 million followers, so do 70 percent of the least engaged brands.”

According to Influential Media Group CEO Branden Hampton, whose Notebook of Love (@Notebook) ranks #1 on the list, “Twitter is about the human element and personal relationships people feel with a company. If you can achieve it you'll have a client for life, if you can't, they'll find a brand who has it all figured out.” 

Clearly, Hampton “has it all figured out.”  His @Notebook generated 1,400 responses per tweet throughout the month of February -- a full 40 percent more than @disneywords, the #2 brand on the list. 

Nestivity commissioned the study to help brands identify who and understand how the most engaged brands cultivate relationships with customers, influencers and advocates using Twitter -- 140 characters at a time.  The analysis, based on the InfiniGraph Engagement Analysis Platform, compared the response rate per post from February 2nd to March 5th 2013, using proprietary algorithms for determining Twitter responses, content trend scores and clicks on links and content.


The most engaged brands on Twitter, their post volume, number of followers and Klout scores are available at here, together with the complete analysis.

"Most brands have NO idea where they stand compared to their competitors,” added Petouhoff, who uses InfiniGraph to help clients measure content post volume and brand engagement scores and benchmark them against the competition.  “Without this information on hand, you can create the blueprint to lead engagement in your market.”

The bottom line?  “The more people like you and the information you provide, the more likely they are to use your company’s service or to buy your products,”  explained Hampton.

So where does your brand stand?  Benchmark your engagement scores against the top players in your industry at

Disclosures: Jenna Dobkin is an advocacy and influencer relations/ public relations strategist for Evolve! Capital with a passion for helping businesses grow sales, build engagement and enhance community relationships, online and off. Visa International, McDonalds, and Starbucks are among her well-known clients. Nestivity, SimulTV and Raynforest are among her soon-to-be famous clients.

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  • JennaSD's picture
    Apr 27 Posted 4 years ago JennaSD

    So true, Stephanie.   I think the fundamental problem is most companies don't undersa what's why engagement on social media channels matters.  Curious if the same denial occurred back in the day when the phone was introduced.  Or the fax.... 

  • Apr 26 Posted 4 years ago shbeckham

    Great article; it's true that you can't just simply create a Facebook page or Twitter account and expect to receive the full benefits that social media can provide. Only a few companies have discovered how to fully engage in social media and connect with their customers and this list provides some great examples for others to use.

  • Apr 26 Posted 4 years ago Tori Dickerson

    Glad I found you and this information!

  • JennaSD's picture
    Apr 25 Posted 4 years ago JennaSD

    Thank you Henry!  So glad you decided to move ahead with the study and kick off the conversation about the why's and how's of successful engagement on Twitter.

  • henrymin's picture
    Apr 25 Posted 4 years ago henrymin

    Thanks for sharing with Social Media Today. I think your post really highlights some of the key takeaways the full study digs into.

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