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ThinkFree Loves You

IT|Redux and ThinkFree wish you all a very happy Valentines Day. And because we like to put our money where our mouth is, we have a nice gift in store for all the bloggers among you. If you have a blog and are interested to review ThinkFree Portable Edition, we will send you a free USB drive loaded with the application, and with lots of extra capacity for storing your own documents.

ThinkFree Portable Edition is essentially a clone of Microsoft Office 2003, minus macros and pivot tables. It has the exact same features as ThinkFree Online Edition, but works offline, and lets you store documents on the USB drive or on your computers hard drive. Now, with all the chatter about synchronization we have had last week, you must be asking yourself why I am promoting an offline office productivity suite, arent you? Well, I might have opinions, but it does not make me right. And what works for me (being 100% online), might not work for you, and I am aware of this.

Now, here is how you can get your Valentines gift: if you have a public blog and are willing to share with your readers your experience using ThinkFree, be it good or bad (good is better than bad of course), all you have to do is send me an email with your regular mail address and the URL of your blog. You will then receive a brand-new USB drive fully loaded with the ThinkFree application, which I wrote about in this past article. And because the good folks at ThinkFree like to share the love, we would very much appreciate if you could spread the word with friends and family. Weve got lots of these drives waiting for them!

Happy Valentines


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