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Three Ways to Attract People to Your Blog

Attract Traffic

Attracting people to your blog really is important for your corporate websites' overall SEO value. The more useful information that people find from your blog about your company, the more they will trust it. Those who have a blog that is filled with useful and unique content are those who will rank higher, get more people to hear about their products, and ultimately boost traffic to their main sales page. So how should you attract people to your blog? There are several ways to do it.

1 ) Networking:
- One great way to do it involves a little networking. Having a presence in the online community will take your blog places it wouldn't have gone otherwise. Leaving comments on similar blogs that link back to your own will provide exposure for who you are and what you're selling. For instance, if your blog is about Oklahoma real estate, you should search out other blogs that have to do with the real estate in Oklahoma and comment on them.

When you leave a comment on another blog, be sure to embed your blogs' link in the signature and you will be amazed at the results this simple task can produce. Not only will people see your comment and click on your link, but the search engines will also notice that a well-known website has linked to your blog which must mean your blog is a good one. This will help to increase your SEO rankings and in turn, attract more people to your blog. ,

2 ) Alt Text
- Another great way to get people to your blog is to label the alt text on the pictures on your blog. By having labels on alt text for pictures, your images will get pulled on image searches from the major search engines. That way, when people search images, they'll click on yours which will bring them to your blog. It's a handy trick that has proved very useful for many in the past. Keep in mind also that posting pictures to your blog will definitely increase the overall value of the content you are producing as well.

3 ) Create a YouTube Channel:

- Lastly, try out a YouTube channel. YouTube gets a huge percentage of the search results on the web today. By making a few videos for your own company and posting them on your own blog through YouTube, it will increase your traffic greatly. People will find your videos on YouTube which will lead them to your website as well. Also, another way to help increase the value of your blog in the eyes of search engines is by having a different type of content on your blog besides text and pictures. This is why YouTube videos will help your blogs' SEO rankings and your overall traffic to improve.

Indeed, it is agreed upon by nearly all SEO experts that having relevant links pointing to your blog from well-known, high-traffic websites will help your SEO rankings to improve. It is also true that the more ways to bring people to your blog, the better.

That is why tagging your pictures is another great way to get people to your site through the image search on larger search engines. Of course, having a variety of useful and interesting forms of information on your blog such as images, videos and lots of unique content will undoubtedly increase your blog value and attract people to your blog.

Guest post by Ryan Chaffin

Image Credit : Lilley


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  • Jun 4 Posted 7 years ago JoshTitsworth I think the use of alt text in images is underrated for getting traffic to blogs. I know from experiance I've found a few sites I'd visit otherwise had I not done an image search. Good point.
  • webermedia's picture
    Jun 4 Posted 7 years ago webermedia It is interesting about alt tags and images. We've had that experience many times when someone finds our blog because of the image.

    Images can be quite viral. Making sure the content is also worthy of their time and read once they land on the page is crucial too to attracting people to your blog. If the person takes the time to comment, replying to their comment in a timely way and reminding them that they can subscribe by rss feed and email, will help them to keep coming back.

    Debbie Hemley


  • Jun 4 Posted 7 years ago RoyWells1 Timely post.  My company blog, the Triadvocate just had this experience.  In a budget related blog we used a picture of a sinkhole.  If you google sinkhole, the picture we used in our blog happens to come up first on the page.  We received over 24,000 page views and still counting.  If you are interested in a post we did yesterday about this, the link to the blog post is

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