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Three Ways That Facebook's Embeddable Posts Will Benefit Brands

Facebook embeddable posts

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they are finally allowing posts from the social networking site to be embedded on other websites, much in the same way that Tweets can be embedded. For brands, this gives them yet another opportunity to use the social networking site to deliver a message to people wherever they are on the web. There are a number of key benefits to this, a few of which are looked at below…

  1. Reach - Believe it or not, not everyone is on Facebook! For brands, this means that their posts are not reaching as many people as potentially possible. When an article in a newspaper, or on a blog links to a Facebook post, these people not members of the social networking giant, are unable to read it and will miss out on the content provided by that brand. With embedded posts however, they are able to see the content whether they are a member or not.
  2. Engagement - Whilst may Facebook have 1.15bn users globally, unfortunately for brands, not all of these people will ‘like’ their page or see the post in question. Linking back to the point about reach, embedding tweets into a blog post or other website will allow people to engage and interact with these posts off platform, increasing the engagement rate they may have got otherwise, should a post just have been published on Facebook.
  3. User experience - Facebook have been piloting this programme with brands such as CNNHuffington Post and Mashable, and for these brands which are primarily publishers, the new feature will be huge. The ability to give a reader everything they’re looking for, without having to click off onto another site is a big benefit. Not only does it make the user experience for the reader better, but it keeps traffic on the publishers site, and not elsewhere.

Reach, engagement and user experience are just a few of the benefits brands will encounter when they start using embedded posts. Facebook may have taken their time in introducing the feature, but it’s definitely something which should be used by all looking to improve and extend their social presence.

Are you going to be using the new feature, and if so, what do you think the main benefits will be?

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  • RicDragon's picture
    Aug 6 Posted 3 years ago RicDragon

    Seems to make sense to me.  When you have Open Graph - and Google's play to weave their world into everything - it's like the big Mecha-Godzilla monsters bashing it out for world hegemony.

  • AaronKocourek's picture
    Aug 5 Posted 3 years ago AaronKocourek

    There are wordpress plugins that allow you to do similiar stuff, the great thing about this is instead of sharing URLs of FB posts people can now embed the status directly. I don't see the benefit being great from a brand usage perspective but from a consumer promoting your brand perspective - yes.

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