Timing Your Social Media Marketing

Pam Dyer Marketing Maven, SolutionsIQ

Posted on January 21st 2012

Timing Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketers always wonder when the best time is to post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the myriad of other social platforms for optimum customer engagement. Is it in the morning, since many people check their Facebook page before they go to work? Is midday better because users look at their Twitter stream while they’re eating lunch? Is evening best? Which days of the week generate the most engagement? And what about B2B versus B2C — are the dynamics different?

The Science of Social Timing Timing Your Social Media Marketing


Eric Boggs, CEO of Argyle Social and Jay Baer, CEO of Convince and Convert, recently teamed up for a terrific webinar that addresses these questions as they pertain to Facebook and Twitter. It offers valuable insights for marketers who are trying to fine-tune their social outreach efforts. The webinar covers:

  • The effects of timing on clicks and interactions
  • How B2B and B2C timings differ
  • How time zones alter the equation

Here are the slides:


Argyle Social produced this great infographic which distills the content from the webinar into a visual representation everyone can understand:

ArgyleSocial social timing insights infographic Timing Your Social Media Marketing



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I don't think the time of the day is of crucial importance in posting. Instead of worrying about that we'd better try think about fitting the message we want to post. For maximum impact it needs to be a focused and well targeted message. I learned all about it during my online marketing certificate classes. It's though to be on top of the game it's definitely worth to try.